MEMCM SCCM Desktop Analytics Reports

MEMCM SCCM Desktop Analytics Reports

Do you know which devices can’t be upgrade in your environment?

Microsoft released Desktop Analytics to help companies understand issues that can happen before upgrading a system.

You simply don’t want to upgrade devices to Windows 10 without knowing if you will experiment some problems.

** Before using these reports, make sure that Desktop Analytics is connected into your SCCM MEMCM. **

    One of the things that configuration manager is currently missing is reports. 

    When you implement DA in your infra, there are no custom reports that you can use to monitor the connection health status except the connection health dashboard that is available in the console. 

    If you want to monitor the desktop analytics connection health status, it is not good practice to launch the console and monitor the status and troubleshoot the client issues that have enrollment issues. 

    Also note that, monitoring the connection status using the console takes few clicks every time to see the list of clients that have connection health issues and it consume lot of time. 

    What if you have custom report to monitor the connection health that provide you all the information that you need to be aware and client health status that are failing to enroll to desktop analytics service? 

    We have a custom report for you to monitor the desktop analytics health and also list all the devices with their enrollment status. 

    This report can be run against specific collection to know the status of clients in DA. This report has the following details: 

    Desktop analytics connection, desktop analytics last sync, connection health with count of devices based on its enrollment status, top 5 issues of enrollment failures and finally the list of devices that are eligible for DA with its status. For more notes from the field about Desktop Analytics client troubleshooting, read this post.

    The list of devices shown in the report are excluded with the following as they do not qualify for DA: 

    • Decommissioned 
    • Obsolete 
    • Inactive
    • Unmanaged 
    • Devices running Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) versions of Windows 10 
    • Devices running Windows Server 

    In case you run the report against any collection that has the clients with above criteria, they won’t show up in the device list. 

    MEMCM SCCM Desktop Analytics Reports

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