SCCM 2007 : Hardware Inventory Failed at the Central (Badmif)

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I recently face an issue regarding replication between primary and central site. The hardware inventory information was push to the primary but not to the central.

We have SCCM 2007 R3 Build 6487 installed. Client version is 4.00.6487.2207. The problem occured not on all resources.


Client side: No error in the inventoryagent.log. Sucessfully sent report to primary.
Primary side: No error in the dataldr.log, no badmif and SQL database contains HW inventory information.
Central side: Error in the dataldr.log with a badmif. SQL databse don’t contains HW inventory information.

Full resync HW inventory: No sign in log on the central
Delta HW inventory: Badmif at the central with error in dataldr.log

Error in dataldr.log: Attempt to update non-existent row. Invalid command:  exec pWorkstationStatus_DATA 1,210897,’11/08/2013 11:48:47′,1,’11/8/2013 11:46′,’4294967298′,4105,-300


As the inventory was working fine to the primary, reinstalling the client and launching a full hardware inventory didn’t resolve the issue.

I connect on the primary site and execute this command from SCCMbini3860000409 folder : preinst.exe /syncparent ‘CentralSiteCode’

After replication completed, all the hardware inventory information was in the central ready to be use for reporting.

More information on technet from the official post.


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