SCCM asset intelligence report

SCCM asset intelligence report

Organize and Gather your Software Usage

SCCM Software Metering analyze the usage of any executable files.

Asset Intelligence inventories and manage software by using a catalog.

Why would we want to merge both? To have a comprehensive view of your software usage in order to save licensing costs.

Your organisation could spend tons of money on unused software licences each year. Monitoring software usage can help achieve substantial saving by targeting which devices has a costly software but is not using it.

The problem with Software Metering is that it is based on the executable. It does not always means that the software is installed on a machine. Our SCCM Asset Intelligence report will help you define who’s using or not using specific software from the Asset Intelligence catalog.

Before considering buying this report, make sure you read all posts from Asset Intelligence series and that you configured custom labels in Asset Intelligence.

SCCM asset intelligence report requirements

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9 Comments on “Asset – Installed Software with Custom Labels and Last Usage”

  1. I was using the Asset-Installed Software with custom labels and last usage in SCCM 2012 and the report worked fine.
    Since i migrated to SCCM 2016 1710 the reports are broke. Are your reports compatible with SCCM 1710?


    1. Hello John,

      Your metering rules name for Visio and Project are well configured? The exact name as Asset Intelligence?

      I know Visio is a bit tricky because of the bad configuration between Pro, Premium and Standard.

      Do your computers get the information from Visio? Have you check in other builtin software metering reports?

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