Among our comprehensive how-to guides and custom reports, we provide SCCM consulting services, SCCM design recommendations, complete implementation, and troubleshooting. We also offer fixed price plans that can help your organization get started with SCCM.sccm 2012 consulting services

We can manage, monitor and maintain your SCCM environment as a service including customized application packaging and deployment.

Our team can provide your organization with the best possible SCCM infrastructure solution:

  • Build an automated operating system deployment platform
  • Deploy applications and packages
  • Manage your hardware and software inventory
  • Design, implement and deploy a Software update strategy
  • Self-service portal allowing users to manage their deployments
  • Agent installation to your all your systems (Computers, Mobiles, Tablets, Unix, Mac)
  • Audit of existing SCCM infrastructure for optimization, standardization and best practice

Merge the perfect Configuration Management tool with the perfect SCCM Consulting team

SCCM 2012 allows administrators to centrally control and manage application deployments, OS deployments and maintenance from a central location. Microsoft’s SCCM will reduce the TCO through centralization and automation.

Our team has 25 years of combined SCCM / SMS experience in design, implementation, and troubleshooting. Our blog articles have been helping the SCCM Community and our custom reports have helped dozen of organizations have a clearer view of the SCCM data. Here’s a list of an example where we could help your organization with an example of our knowledge.

Infrastructure DeploymentIncreases productivity of administrators by reducing infrastructure requirements, consolidating server roles, reducing data latency and improving scaling.
Operating System DeploymentProvides a highly flexible, automated solution to fully deploy and configure servers and desktops from any state, including bare-metal deployments. IT staff can provide an end-to-end solution for the desired version of Windows, by delivering applications, updates, patches, security fixes and more from a single distribution.
Software UpdatesProvides an integrated solution to deploy software and hardware updates seamlessly across physical, virtual and mobile devices regardless of location. SCCM 2012 simplifies update management for complex environments, helping to reduce IT costs and keeping IT systems up-to-date, stable and secure.
Mobile Device ManagementCombines the best aspects of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Windows Intune. It allows enterprises to give employees the freedom to use whatever devices they need to be productive, while helping keep the IT environment secure and compliant. SCCM 2012 can manage a wide range of mobile devices, including Windows Phone 7 and 8, Nokia Symbian, Apple iOS and Android-based devices.
Asset Intelligence and InventoryHas been significantly enhanced in SCCM 2012 in order to cater for both physical and virtual environments.
Power ManagementAllows organisations to gain control over power consumption with tools that provide reporting on power consumption and cost savings, reduce energy costs and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, check compliance and remediate non-compliance and much more. These capabilities are all delivered in a unified client management and security infrastructure, making power-related cost savings available with minimal effort and expense.
Client Health and MonitoringProvides summary views of client health data in its unified console, giving IT staff a real-time look at the overall health of the client environment.
Remote Client ManagementAllows more effective management of clients connected over the internet, giving IT staff the ability to provide application and security update deployment as well as deliver remote assistance and support.
User Centric ManagementAllows software to be associated to a user instead of a machine, allowing applications to follow users regardless of which machine they are logged into.
Self-Service Software PortalApplications are now available for on-demand installation from a self-service web portal. This allows for less user disruption and reduces the burden on IT support staff.
Compliance settingsAllows administrators to facilitate automatic remediation of devices that deviate from a defined baseline configuration, such as antivirus definition files.
Role Based Access ControlRBAC allows administrators to delegate security privileges based on several pre-defined role groups. RBAC also controls the SCCM administration console, so features that an administrator does not have permission to modify are not displayed.

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20 Comments on “SCCM Consulting Services”

  1. I have purchased the software update bundle and have yet to receive it. I have left numerous messages. Can someone please call me at 520-322-7417 and let me know whats going on? Please leave me a callback number so I can call back if not available.

  2. Hi
    Pls. help with a SQL query that will bring back the deployment details for task sequences
    I’m after; machine name, status & last update time.

    in-built reports provide the date in categories. I need the data in single page with hostname, status and last update time.



  3. Does anyone know how to remove the systemcenterdudes company logo from purchased .rdl file reports? I am presenting reports for a special project and I do not want the systemcenterdudes company logo in the reports for legal reasons

  4. Good afternoon,
    I have purchased the SCCM installation guide. Upon opening in either Adobe or Foxit, it says that the pdf is corrupted. I downloaded it a second time and I still get the same results. Has anyone else had this issue?

      1. We sent you the file via email. We also fixed the issue on our download portal. Thanks for your comment.

    1. HI Damian,

      We are in the process of creating a complete guide for Endpoint Protection. It is not yet ready.
      We will let you know when it’s ready!


  5. Hi

    I have purchased the System Health – Software Updates report but the info return seems to be invalid. I.e I have a server which has Just over 50 patches available in software center on the server but on the report it says there is only updates that need to be installed. Any idea what the issue may be

  6. Informative site guys. Thanks. We have 2012 SP2 up and running but it looks like we should have found a more current version. Do we bother messing with this one and upgrade or delete this VM and make a new one with server 2016 and latest SCCM?

  7. Hey guys, your site has been very informative and helpful. I do have a question if someone could help me. Our SCCM 2012 is RTM, it is just too big of a pain to try to upgrade it to SP1 and then SP2 and then 2012 R2 SP1.
    Is there a way to export our SCCM 2012 RTM settings/configurations and then apply them to a new install of SCCM 2012 R2 SP1?

    1. I would spin up a new primary server, update it to the newest stuff, and then run a migration to the new primary. Use this opportunity to re-engineer the environment if necessary (We decided to run a few separate servers for separate roles (SUP, App Catalog).

  8. Hello Guys Your Website has given me great insight into sccm. I have a question on how you deploy diagcab for windows update troubleshooter, the command “msdt.exe /cab windowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab works fine in command prompt. But sccm doesnt seem to like it when deploying as package, as I want to deploy for users to run themselves to fix windows update isssues.

  9. I need some help. I am try to run a report for our upcoming Windows 10 upgrade. I am using the SCCM Built-In Report “Operating System requirement status for computers in a specific collection” under the Upgrade Assesment folder. This will show me what computers are eligable to upgrade to Windows 10.

    They have asked me to add 2 columns to the report that will show the User Name of the person using the computer and what department they fall under. How can I add this to the report results? I am not that good at SQL. Do you have any information on how I can edit/add new criteria to SCCM reports? Thank you

  10. Is it Possible for you guys to do a write up on how to do a Capture of a Golden Image through a task sequence. I have noticed a lot of questions on forums, but no real answers or how to get it done.

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