System Health – Distribution Points

Monitor Distribution Points 3x Times Faster!

Monitoring Distribution Point Status of your Configuration Manager infrastructure is critical. Key Features such as  software updatesoperating system deployment and application management relies on healthy Distributions Points.

Our SCCM distribution point report will save you valuable time in your day to day. It could help you on these particular tasks, displaying results on a single screen.

Report features :

  • Which Distribution Point are healthy ?
  • Which Distribution Point are currently distributing content ?
  • How many Distribution Point is missing a certain package ?
  • Which Distribution Point is having free space issues ?
  • 5 comprehensive pie charts

Free Support

We make sure that the report you purchase will work on your environment.

5 min Installation

By following this step by step guide, the report is install in 5 minutes.

Fast roi

This report is very useful and save a lot of time to your administrators.



One Time Purchase
  • No drilldown experience
  • only one report
  • Free update
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As soon the purchase is complete, you will receive an email from us with all the downloadable links.

All major credit cards are accepted. If you need an alternate payment method, please contact us.

Make sure to check the email used during the buying process, not the email configured in your Paypal account. Make sure to check your junk email folder as well.

The download link is available for 24h after the purchase date.
In case you don’t have a reporting services point installed in your environment, use this procedure to install the reporting point role and then, upload a RDL file to report server. You’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes.
We have tested our reports on SCCM 2012, SCCM Current Branch (SCCM 1511) and later.
The report is best displayed on 1920×1080 resolution. You can use the Zoom functionality or CTRL + Wheel Mouse if the report is not shown in full screen.
The report contains detailed information with a mouse over on the various fields of the report.

For any questions, please send us an email to

6 Comments on “Sytem Health – Distribution Points”

  1. The gathering of all the data into one report is impressive but I expected more. It would have been nice to have links in the reports that gave more information. For example one of My DPs is missing content. I should be able to click on the “1” and see what it is missing, click on a “Warning” status and see why or click on the total number of packages and get that list. Not sure it was worth the $20 to have a report that summarizes 3 or 4 other reports.

    1. This is why I want to be able to test the reports with my data before I ask my manager if we can buy them, i’m not going to pay $20 (or more for the full suite) if the reports are not what we actually require.

      1. Hi Aaron,

        We understand that you wish to test it before buying this report. The suggestions Dave shared with us will be considered in future reports. It is really appreciated by him. This system health report on the distribution point will not be the last. It will requires further sub reports to raise the report value. We are not forcing anyone to buy the report and also respect the fact that you find that $20 is too costly for this report.

        However, we have received only positive and constructive feedback from our clients. We ensures that each person who purchases a report will be in the possibility to use it.

        On a long term, we are very open to constructive feedback in order to create reports that reflect as much as possible to the reality of SCCM


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