Can’t delete Deployment Type

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In SCCM 2012, you try to delete a deployment type and you receive the following error :

This deployment type cannot be deleted. To delete this deployment type the following references must be deleted.


You want to delete the referring object, you can’t find it because you have previously deleted it.

Keep calm and do not cry…┬áThis can be resolve easily.

The problem is that you created a deployment type, refer in another DT and then delete it. SCCM keeps an history of all changes in applications. Yes, each time you make a modification, SCCM records the change so that you can revert your changes if needed. This is a nice feature but since an object in the history refer to your deleted object, you can’t delete your deployment type.

The solution is to delete those historical object by right clicking your application and choose “Revision History”


Delete all revisions that are referred in the first error (in my case revision 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 needs to be deleted) by using the “Delete” button.


Once complete, go back to your DT and delete it.

Voila ! Christmas magic before time.

BONUS : You can set the setting for Application revision in Delete unused application revision site maintenance task.

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