SCCM Consulting Services


  • Design recommendations, project implementation, hierarchy migration, problem troubleshooting, and training
  • Affordable alternative to Microsoft Support
  • Flexibles and competitives rates (Project, Hourly or fixed-price plans)
  • Quick availability
Microsoft SCCM and Intune Consulting Services
SCCM Consulting Services

Fixed Prices

Choose from 8 fixed-price plans for SCCM consulting. Our consultants can audit, upgrade, or install SCCM and configure your Intune tenant. Select your plan, and we’ll deliver your project without extra hours or hidden costs.

SCCM Consulting Services

Time Banks

Flexible and competitive hourly pricing starting from 10 hours usable within one year. Renewal options available. Resolve SCCM or Intune issues or challenges based on your priority list.

SCCM Consulting Services

Specific Project

Have a specific device management project or operational tasks but you don’t have the required staff to complete the work? We can handle any project size and operational tasks, from the simpliest to the complex ones.

SCCM Consulting Services


Have a problem with SCCM or Intune that your team can’t fix? We handle any support and troubleshooting tasks of any infrastructure size. We are a great alternative to Microsoft Support.

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SCCM and Intune Consulting Services
  • Design and Install an SCCM Infrastructure
  • Build a Windows 10/11 Migration Strategy
  • SCCM to Intune Migration
  • Switch to Modern Management
  • Microsoft Autopilot configuration
  • Microsoft and third party patch management
  • Automated Operating System Deployment
  • Build custom SCCM reports
  • Migration of Altiris to SCCM
  • Simplify your environment
  • Reduce operational costs

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Fixed Price Plans

Intune Assessment

We’ll check all configurations and settings according to Microsoft's best practices and guidelines.

Quickly and easily improve the quality of your Intune Tenant.
  • Audit of all Endpoint Manager (Intune) configurations including all OS
  • Monitoring connectors and devices health
  • Goods and bads based on best practices into one document
Buy for $1999

SCCM Assessment

We’ll check all configurations, settings and run performance counters according to Microsoft best practises and guidelines.

Quickly and easily improve the quality of your SCCM infrastructure
  • Extensive SCCM audit in 38 points
  • Settings and configuration errors
  • Recommendations guide handed over
Buy for $1999

SCCM New Installation

Complete SCCM installation on a new server. Includes Operating System requirements, SQL installation and SCCM Current Branch installation.

Start your SCCM journey the right way, sit back and relax.
  • Follows Microsoft best practice
  • Configured based on your needs
  • Installation and Configuration guide
Buy for $3999

SCCM Hardware Migration

Migrate your SCCM Server running outdated Windows 2008 and SQL to an up-to-date server.

Stay supported by Microsoft for OS, SQL and SCCM.
  • SCCM installation on new server
  • Settings and configuration migration
  • Objects and clients migration
Buy for $4999

CMG Installation

We'll install a Cloud Management Gateway to manage your remotely connected devices.

Can replace your existing Internet Based Client Managementsolution.
  • Manage your roaming devices
  • Microsoft Azure Integration
  • Complete installation and configuration
Buy for $1999

Windows Patch Management

We'll setup, configure and deploy software update using Configuration Manager.

Get started the right way to update your workstation/servers using SCCM.
  • Setup WSUS and Software update point
  • Configured based on your needs
  • Installation and Configuration guide
Buy for $1999

Windows 10/11 OS Deployment

Setup, configure and deploy Windows 10/11 using Configuration Manager.

We'll setup everything need for your organisation to deploy Windows 10 from your Configuration Manager Server.
  • Configure CM Server requirements
  • Configure Boot Images, devices drivers and Task Sequences
  • Documentation and knowledge transfer to your internal team
Buy for $4999

Get Started With Windows 10/11 Feature Updates

Setup, configure and deploy Windows 10/11 Feature Updates using SCCM.

Keep your Windows 10/11 devices up-to-date to stay in the support period.
  • Configure CM Server requirements
  • Upgrade 10 devices (Task Sequence or Feature Update)
  • High level project plan
Buy for $2999
PatchMyPc Reseller
  • Save on licensing cost
  • Third-Party Patch Management
  • Automate your process and save time
  • Comprehensive Software Support
  • Security Enhancement
  • Native SCCM and Intune Integration
Consulting Services
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