SCCM Endpoint Protection Dashboard Report

SCCM Endpoint Protection Dashboard Report

Maximized Endpoint Protection

Have you ever wish to have all Endpoint Protection information in a single dashboard? We developed this dashboard to work with all our existing reports. Each click brings the user to the associated report automatically.

This dashboard list the following information:

  • Endpoint Protection Client Status
  • Historic data of Protected clients
  • Historic data of Inactive clients
  • Historic data of At-risk clients
  • Historic data of Unprotected clients
  • Historic data of Infected clients
  • List of Malware detected
  • List of Malware activity in the last 30 days
  • Statistics of the Signature File Age

Refer to the screenshot section for complete SCCM Endpoint Protection dashboard report features.

This report can be linked automatically to our other reports. Simply place all reports in the same folder on your SSRS server.

Free Support

We make sure that the report you purchase will work on your environment. SCCM Endpoint Protection Dashboard Report

5 min Installation

By following this step by step guide, the report is install in 5 minutes. SCCM Endpoint Protection Dashboard Report

Fast roi

This report is very useful and save a lot of time to your administrators. SCCM Endpoint Protection Dashboard Report



One Time Purchase
  • No drilldown experience
  • only one report
  • Free update
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