A few days ago we released three new Endpoint Protection reports. Together these reports give you a great insight into how well your Endpoint Protection clients are doing.

These reports are also available bundled together with Jonathan Lefebvre Endpoint Protection Management Guide at a discounted price.

SCCM Endpoint Protection Dashboard

This report shows you useful information about endpoint protection on a single page.

The boxes at the top show current status as well as a trend for the last 30 days for each of the 5 categories a client can be in (Protected-Inactive-At Risk-Unprotected-Infected) .

The two At Risk and Unprotected categories shows a breakdown of the subcategories that make up the these two states. If you bought the System Health – Endpoint Protection reports you can click on a number and it will drill-trough to a filtered sub report that will show you the troubled clients.

[su_box title=”Note” style=”glass” box_color=”#000000″ title_color=”#F0F0F0″]A client can be in multiple states, it can be both Inactive and At Risk at the same time.[/su_box]

The Malware Detected and and Malware Activity charts gives you a good overview over what malware is detected and how many clients are infected per day.  If you bought the System Health – Endpoint Protection reports you can click on a either a specific malware or a specific day to drill-trough to a filtered sub report for more information.

SCCM Endpoint Protection Dashboard Report

System Health – Endpoint Protection

This report can be used by itself, but works great as a sub report for the Endpoint Protection Dashboard. It gives you detailed information about the endpoint protection clients in a defined collection.

SCCM Endpoint Protection Dashboard Report


System Health – Malware Detection

The Malware Detection report gives details about malware that’s detected in a given collection. Information like Client Name, Detection time , Threat name and category , Severity and most importantly if it was successfully cleaned. It can be used standalone or as a sub report of the Endpoint Protection Dashboard.

SCCM Endpoint Protection Dashboard Report


Additional details can be found on each report page accessible from our menu or directly from our main product page.

Comments (3)

Jaime Robledo

11.22.2019 AT 08:33 AM
I 'm going to get the report for Endpoint Protection Dashboard I want to understand each tab. As an example what is the difference between at risk and infected.

Thomas Larsen

05.30.2017 AT 12:32 PM
Currently there's something wrong with how the Windows 10 1703 Clients register in Configmgr. It doesn't register the build number in the DB like the previous Windows 10 versions ,instead it puts an empty string where the build number should be.


05.26.2017 AT 11:11 AM
Got the whole pack yesterday with all the guides and all the reports. Got my new 1702 environment all stood up and loaded these all in yesterday to SQL 2016 and they all work great and are really good looking. Cutting over to the new SCCM on the 10th of June so it will be neat to see more data populated once all the clients are swung over. I do have a question with regards to the Windows 10 one though, I know this post is about Endpoint so sorry for the subject change. It seems it does not recognize 1703 as a valid OS and just says N/A is that something that will be updated at some point?