SCCM OSD Reports

SCCM OSD Reports

Keep an eyes on all your operating system deployments

Deploying a new OS with SCCM or migrating your Windows 10 to the new version requires a little bit of monitoring if you want to keep your success rate as high as possible. As well as if you deploy a task sequence to do any configurations or installation.

Our SCCM Deployment Operating System reports will save you time on monitoring your operating systems deployment and task sequences deployment. This product gives access to 3 distinct reports :

  • Dashboard – Operating System Deployment 

The dashboard report is the overview of all your deployments by advertisement. The little bar separated by color tell you the deployment statistics by status.  The columns chart shows the count of deployments by date which help you see trending. 

  • Deployment – Operating System

Monitoring your deployment and see all device status of advertisements and task sequences. Is there any current deployment you want to verify? 

SCCM OSD Reports
  • Deployment – Task Sequences

This report shows you all the steps that the device is doing. If there’s an issue with the task sequence, you will detect it. There’s also a little description of the device. 

SCCM OSD Reports

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