Deployment – Packages

SCCM Package Deployment Report to efficiently monitor your deployments

Monitoring software deployment from the SCCM console can be hazardous. When deploying to a large number of machines, you need to go through various panes in order to have a comprehensive list of machines and their deployment status.

This product contains two SCCM Package Deployment reports :

  • Deployment – Package Overview :  Overview of all your packages deployments. When clicking on a number, you are sent to the other report.
  • Deployment – Package : Detailed list of your machines and their status for a specific package deployment.

These reports easily returns valuable information to your SCCM management team :

  • List all packages deployment from your SCCM infrastructure
  • See all deployment from a specific type (Packages)
  • The success rate of a given deployment
  • The number of devices in each status (Succeeded, Failed, Unknown)
  • List all machines name from a specific status (Succeeded, Failed, Unknown)
  • Rapidly see all error codes returned from a specific deployment

Refer to the Screenshot tab to view all features list.

Note : If you have bought the Deployment – Application report, simply place all reports in the same folder on your SSRS server and they will be linked automatically.

Free Support

We make sure that the report you purchase will work on your environment.

5 min Installation

By following this step by step guide, the report is install in 5 minutes.

Fast roi

This report is very useful and save a lot of time to your administrators.



One Time Purchase
  • No drilldown experience
  • only one report
  • Free update
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The download link is available for 24h after the purchase date.
In case you don’t have a reporting services point installed in your environment, use this procedure to install the reporting point role and then, upload a RDL file to report server. You’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes.
We have tested our reports on SCCM 2012, SCCM Current Branch (SCCM 1511) and later.
The report is best displayed on 1920×1080 resolution. You can use the Zoom functionality or CTRL + Wheel Mouse if the report is not shown in full screen.
The report contains detailed information with a mouse over on the various fields of the report.

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