Step-by-Step SCCM 2303 Upgrade Guide

Microsoft has released the first SCCM version for 2023. SCCM 2303 has been released on April 11th, 2023. This post is a complete┬ástep-by-step SCCM 2303 upgrade guide, meaning that if you want to upgrade your existing SCCM installation to the latest SCCM updates, this post is for you. If you’re looking for a comprehensive SCCM installation guide to building a new server, refer to our blog series which covers it all. You won’t be able to install SCCM 2303 if you are running SCCM 2012. Well, that’s an odd phrase! Thank you current branch naming. SCCM 2303 is a baseline version. This means that if you’re downloading the source from Volume Licensing, SCCM 2303 will be the starting version of your new SCCM site. At the time of this writing, SCCM 2303 is available in the Early update ring. You must run the opt-in script to see it appear in … Continue reading Step-by-Step SCCM 2303 Upgrade Guide