Using Local Admin Account to install SCCM Client

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I was working in a LAB environment and I didn’t had access to create a user in AD to push clients.

As you probably know, SCCM require an installation account to install the client. This account must be a member of the local administrator group on the target computers.

Since I had no time to loose, I decided to try the client installation using the local “Administrator” account of my tests machines. The password was all the same so it was worth giving a try.

After adding the local Adminstrator and Administrateur (i had english and french OS) account in the console, I’ve launched a manual client installation.

SCCM client admin account












I looked at the ccm.log on my server and voila ! The client was installed using the local administrator password.

SCCM client admin account



This is not supported but it works !

TL;DR: you can install the SCCM client using the local admin account


SCCM client admin account

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