This post is a how-to-guide on how to fix: KB2919355 The software change returned error code 0X87D0070C

KB2919355 Update is a cumulative update that includes all previously released security updates and non-security updates that were released before March 2014. This cumulative update is available for deployment using the software updates into Configuration Manager.

KB2919355 error code 0X87D0070C

When trying to install this update with SCCM your gets a failed status in Software Center.

When looking at the error details, you get :

The software change returned error code 0X87D0070C (-2016409844)

KB2919355 error code 0X87D0070C

This get translated to : “Software update execution timeout”.

Looking at the Software Update properties in SCCM (Software Library – Software Update – All Software update), we can see that this error is set to a maximum run time of 10 minutes.

KB2919355 The software change returned error code 0X87D0070C

This update is considered as a “Standard” update which get a maximum run time of 10 minutes. However this update is 700mb which looks more like a service pack.

Change the value of “Maximum Run Time” to 60 minutes and click apply.

Relaunch the installation and voila ! The update will install correctly.

Bonus tips: Be sure to set your maintenance windows accordingly to allow this update.

Maintenance windows enable you to define a time when Configuration Manager operations can be carried out on a device collection. You use maintenance windows to help ensure that client configuration changes occur during periods that don’t affect productivity.

Comments (14)


05.29.2019 AT 10:54 AM
After changing the maximun run time, should we re-do the SUG or is the existing one going to update?


08.20.2017 AT 10:11 AM
Is the client immediately aware of this change, or is there something we need to trigger on the client so that we can immediately retry the install?


02.10.2019 AT 01:17 PM
Did you ever get a response to this question?


06.21.2017 AT 02:13 PM
Can we please have Microsoft Change the error 0x87d0070c to "Update process timed out at specified limit. Please increase Maximum Run Time for update if you'd like to allow this update to run longer to completion". Come On! We can move beyond cryptography here...


04.14.2017 AT 06:44 AM
Since they moved to a "cumulative updates" model, you would think they would have increased their time outs by default.

Eric S. Periard

11.09.2016 AT 08:17 AM
I've had this happen countless times, this article is accurate, just remember to have a big enough maintenancr window as stated in the article.


11.07.2016 AT 09:11 AM
How to change the Maximum run time for updates by default to 60 min so, that i do not have to monitor and do it every month ?

Benoit Lecours

11.08.2016 AT 04:59 PM
Unfortunately, you can't. It's a per update setting.


03.27.2017 AT 02:44 PM
It is possible to script this setting to be changed on regular schedule.

Eric S. Periard

06.23.2015 AT 08:08 AM
Hey, Very nice fix, it worked first shot for me. That would explain why some other patches fail sometime, when they're too big the evaluation times out. This means I'll have to start keeping my eyes peeled for unusually big patches and enhance the timeout. Anyhow thanks for the article, one less article. I've shared the information with my colleagues. Eric


02.28.2015 AT 01:43 PM
Hello. I'm getting this same error "The software change returned error code 0x87D00664(-2016410012)" attempting to deploy KB2901907 via SCCM Software Updates. I made the changes referenced in this article by increasing the Maximum run time to 60 minutes and the same error occurs after 60 minutes. I found this error in the Updatesdeployment.log: Any ideas on how to resolve? Thanks!

Benoit Lecours

03.03.2015 AT 10:05 AM
Can you post your log errors, I think you had a problem copy/pasting it.


12.04.2014 AT 05:03 AM
I would say KB30000850 (aka update 3) has the same issue. Getting the same error and the update is over 700MB