SCCM Endpoint Protection Management Guide

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SCCM Endpoint Protection is not the simplest SCCM tasks to put in place. Over the years, we trained many SCCM administrator using a simple approach and deployment strategy. We created this complete SCCM Endpoint Protection Guide based on our knowledge and experience.

This guide is a best-practice guide on how to plan, configure, manage and deploy Endpoint Protection with SCCM. This guide aims to help SCCM administrator understand the basic concept of each part of the Endpoint Protection management.

Many Endpoint Protection settings require customization based on your environment, this document describe a typical case that can be used in any organization as a good starting point for an efficient malware protection.

The guide will help you achieve theses tasks:

  • Install Endpoint Protection point role
  • Configure Software Update point to support Endpoint Protection
  • Configure automatic deployment rules for Definition Updates
  • Configure Endpoint Protection Agent policies
  • Deploy the Endpoint Protection Agent
  • Manage Endpoint Protection clients

This guide does not explain how to setup your Software Update Point.

This guide does not cover Windows Defender Advanced threat

Download and own this SCCM Endpoint Protection Management Guide in a single PDF file.

The PDF file is a 67 pages document that contains all information to manage endpoint protection with SCCM. Use our products page or use the button below to download it.

SCCM Endpoint Protection Guide Document screenshots

SCCM Endpoint Protection Guide SCCM Endpoint Protection Guide SCCM Endpoint Protection Guide

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SCCM Endpoint Protection Management Guide
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  1. I bought another report and have yet to receive it yet. I want to buy more of these reports but I don’t know if you guys are even in business or what’s happening. You definitely processed my card but no product.

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