I had an interesting case where OSD deployment and application download were really slow using SCCM 2012 R2. My first thought was to apply KB2905002 which resolves SCCM Slow Distribution Point.

Distribution Point Definition : Choose a site system server as a distribution point before content can be made available to client computers. Assign a distribution point to at least one boundary group before on-premises client computers can use that distribution point as a content source location. Add the distribution point role to a new site system server, or add it to an existing site system server.

This KB was already applied and still, the download of the .WIM during a task sequence was taking 30 minutes just to download.

Application installations in software center that was using the same DP was also experiencing slow installs.

Reviewing the SMSTS.log during the OS Deployment had no errors.

Looking at the Resource monitor, I saw that the network throughput was around 6 Mbps on a Gb connection… Something was wrong.

SCCM Slow Distribution Point

sccm slow distribution point

My second thought was to check in IIS to see it there was a speed limitation there. Bingo !

The default IIS Site was limited to 5 Mbps. After removing the limitation the same WIM deployment took 2 minutes and an application that was taking 1h to installed, took 18 minutes. Resource monitor shows speeds up to 600 Mbps.

Here’s how to check that :

  • Open IIS on your DP
  • Default Web Site
  • Configuration Editor (Right Click)
  • Limits
sccm slow distribution point
  • Uncheck “Limit bandwidth usage”
  • OK
sccm slow distribution point

Be sure to remove this limitation to experience good deployment speeds.

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04.24.2017 AT 05:17 PM
I found this by accident while looking for something else (just having a problem with slow content downloads on software deployments). I had this issue a while back when I updated SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 with the Win 10 ADK setup. My solution was to build a brand new capture. For some reason my previous captures, which were maybe a year old, were bogging things down like described above and in comments here. A new capture with the new win 10 adk boot image sped things right up. Good luck.

Manolis Vassis

01.13.2016 AT 09:43 AM
Hi, I tried all the things you said (and from many other forums) but still the same, the step Restart in Windows PE and step "Apply Operting System" is taking over 3 hours to download during task sequence procedure. how can i resolve this????? btw the version of SCCM is 2012 R2 SP1 CU2. Thanks in advance.....


01.06.2017 AT 03:58 PM
Did you ever get this resolved, we are having the same issue as you. From what I can see the nic card in the PE environment is auto negotiating to 10 MBPS. This is a gig port so I think it's a driver issue?


06.18.2014 AT 02:57 PM
Hi SC Dudes, Dont you have a guide on configuring a distribution point for remote site? Your help will be highly appreciated.

Benoit Lecours

06.19.2014 AT 12:11 PM
Hello, Yes, I have such guide. I'll try to post it this week.

Frederic Martineau

07.03.2014 AT 02:55 PM
Hello, Nice to see you post these things Benoit. Can you provide us with a link to your guide. Thx

Benoit Lecours

07.03.2014 AT 03:13 PM
Hey Fred, To which guide are your referring to ?