With the end of support for Office 365 2013 on Febuary 28 2017, administrators must take action to upgrade Office 365 2013 to Office 365 2016. In previous posts, we covered how to manage updates for Office 365 2016 with SCCM and describe the Office 365 dashboard. Those posts applies to the 2016 version of Office 365.

This post will cover everything you need to know to upgrade Office 365 2013 to Office 365 2016 with SCCM.

Upgrade Office 365 2013 Prerequisites

Create Download.xml and Configuration.xml File

Office 365 Click-to-run installations, are controlled by XML files. We will create and use one XML file to download the Office 365 bits for an offline installation/upgrade and another XML for the configuration.

The download.xml specify the Channel to be used, the product  and language :

[su_box title=”Download.xml” style=”glass” title_color=”#F0F0F0″]

<Add  Channel=”Deferred” OfficeClientEdition=”32″>
<Product ID=”O365ProPlusRetail”>
<Language ID=”fr-fr” />


The configuration.xml has more details in it :

[su_box title=”configuration.xml” style=”glass” title_color=”#F0F0F0″]

<Add OfficeClientEdition=”32″ Version=”16.0.6965.2117″ Channel=”Deferred” OfficeMgmtCOM=”True”>
<Product ID=”O365ProPlusRetail”>
<Language ID=”fr-fr” />
 <Updates Enabled=”FALSE”/>
 <Display Level=”Full” AcceptEULA=”TRUE” />
 <Logging Level=”Standard” Path=”%temp%” />
 <Property Name=”AUTOACTIVATE” Value=”1″ />
 <Property Name=”FORCEAPPSHUTDOWN” Value=”False” />


Important part in the XML :

  • <Display Level=”Full” AcceptEULA=”TRUE” />
    • This will allow user to interact with the install, in order to see the prompt to close open application if needed.
  • <Property Name=”FORCEAPPSHUTDOWN” Value=”False” />
    • This will allow user to see a prompt when the upgrade starts if any Office application is open and allow time to save files.
  • Modify the language that you need using <Language ID=”fr-fr” />

Otherwise, the XML as no specific configuration related to upgrade. It will know it’s upgrading from 2013 automatically.

You can find more details about XML files for Office 365 here

Create Office 365 2016 Package

We will now create a standard package for the upgrade.

[su_box title=”Note” style=”glass” title_color=”#F0F0F0″]For a more detailed version of How-to deploy Office 365 2016, please see our previous post here[/su_box]

  • First, we need to download the latest Office 365 2016 version
    • Open a command prompt, browse to your office directory and launch : setup.exe /download download.xml
    • This will create an Office folder under the running path. It will contain the Office 365 2016 bits for offline installation

SCCM Upgrade Office 365 2013SCCM Upgrade Office 365 2013

  • Create a standard package for Office 365 2016
    • The source folder must be the folder with the Setup.exe, Configuration.xml and Office folder downloaded in previous step

SCCM Upgrade Office 365 2013

  • Add a program to the package
    • Command Line : setup.exe /configure configuration.xml
    • Check Allow user to view and interact with the program installation. This is to help interaction with opened Office applications

SCCM Upgrade Office 365 2013

Upgrade Office 365 2013 to Office 365 2016

  • Deploy the package/program just as any other packages
    • Can be mandatory or available
    • Suggestion : Allow users to run the program independently of assignments will allow more flexibility for your users to upgrade

SCCM Upgrade Office 365 2013

  • The deployment start…

SCCM Upgrade Office 365 2013

  • One prompt for the user to know upgrade is coming
    • If the user hit Cancel, the deployment will return an error in SCCM reports.

SCCM Upgrade Office 365 2013

  • If an Office application is open, Office will ask to close applications

SCCM Upgrade Office 365 2013

  • Final screen for completed upgrade

SCCM Upgrade Office 365 2013

  • Office 365 2016 is now installed and Office 365 2013 is no longer available!

SCCM Upgrade Office 365 2013

More information is available here

Happy upgrading!

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10.18.2018 AT 02:37 AM
When you subscribe to Office 365, you can install the office on any computer or Mac. If you switch from Mac to Windows PC or vice versa, you do not need to pay extra money. Disable only licenses from your Windows PC and install it on your Mac.