Importing Package Loop during Distribution Point Migration

Benoit LecoursSCCMLeave a Comment

I had an interesting issue during a migration project from SCCM 2007. After the reassign process, some distribution points were constantly re-importing packages. They were stuck in an importing package loop during distribution point migration I found this issue when I went to see the configuration status of the distribution points (Monitoring / Distribution Status / Distribution Point Configuration Status) All problematic Distribution Points were having “pending” tasks even if the reassign process was completed. The DP were functioning correctly and packages that were marked as “Importing” were on the DP. When looking at distmgr.log I could see the import tasks repeatedly happening. Importing Package [PackageID][packagePath] into SIS on Distribution point [DPName] STATMSG ID=xxx Source=”SMS Server” Comp=”SMS_Distribution_Manager” The .DPU (distribution point upgrade) files were processed correctly, I could see them disappearing from the but it was coming back after a couple of hour. I decided to compare the properties of my different … Read More