Multilingual User Interface Pack inventory with SCCM 2012

Nicolas PilonHardware Inventory, SCCM3 Comments

We all use a minimum of one operating system language on our computers.  It may be likely that a company that has many employees may end up with several nationalities. This means, more multilingual user interface (MUI) pack is required in your operating system deployment. When a MUI Pack is installed, the user interface language can be change to one of 33 supported languages. In this post, we will extend hardware inventory in SCCM 2012 to inventory multilingual user interface pack information. Here’s the steps in order to achieve this goal : Custom WMI Class Package Creation Package Deployment Hardware Inventory Verification Pre-requisites Download Multilingual User Interface Pack kit for hardware inventory in SCCM 2012 from TechNet Gallery. Unzip the file Copy ps1 in your package source directory Copy Operating System Multilingual User Interface where you can reach using UNC path Let’s get started! Custom WMI Class MUI languages … Read More