Every time I’m starting a new Windows 10 deployment project, I need to know which Windows 10 ADK is installed on a server to use with MDT or SCCM. The Windows 10 ADK (Assessment and Deployment Kit) has the tools you need to customize Windows images for large-scale deployment, and to test the quality and performance of the system, the added components, and the applications running on the system. At the time of this writing Windows 10 ADK Version History was not easy to find.

Windows 10 ADK Version History

How to find your Windows 10 ADK Version

In Program and Features, all Windows 10 ADK are referred as Windows Assessment and Deployment Kits – Windows 10. The only element that defers is the build version at the right.

Windows 10 ADK Version History

Each time, I end up googling the version number but the information was not easily findable. Those days are over since I will be documenting Windows 10 ADK Version in a beautiful table until Microsoft decide to include the build number in the name of the product… which could be never…

Windows 10 ADK Version History

Windows ADK for Windows 11 24h2(May 2024)10.1.26100.1May 2024Download link
Windows ADK for Windows 11 22h210.1.25398.1September 2023Download link
Windows ADK for Windows 1110.1.22000.1June, 2021Download link
Windows ADK for Windows 10 v200410.1.19041June, 2020Download link
Windows ADK for Windows 10 v190310.1.18362April, 2019Download link
Windows ADK for Windows 10 v180910.1.17763September, 2018Download link
Windows ADK for Windows 10 v180310.1.17134April, 2018Download link
Windows ADK for Windows 10 v170910.1.16299October, 2017Download link
Windows ADK for Windows 10 v170310.1.15063March. 2017Download Link
Windows ADK for Windows 10 v160710.1.14393.0Sept. 2016Download Link
Windows ADK for Windows 10 v151110.1.10586.0Oct. 2015Download Link
Windows ADK for Windows 10 RTM 10.0.26624.0July. 2015Download Link
Windows ADK for Windows 1010.0.10240.0July. 2015Download Link

See our post on how to upgrade your Windows 10 ADK version, if you already have an ADK version installed on your server.

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06.28.2020 AT 11:04 PM
Hey Jonathan, Want to add 2004 to this list? Also, would it be a good idea to add a line about 1909, more specifically how Win10-1909 uses ADK-1903. Something to that tune? Cheers, Tricky


08.19.2019 AT 03:17 PM
Thank you for the version history. So stupid that this was hard to find!


06.11.2019 AT 03:58 PM
Will ADK 1903 installation version is 10.1.18362.1 eventually be added to this list? Thanks.

Jonathan Lefebvre

10.30.2019 AT 09:56 AM
Hi Allen, just did add it 🙂 thanks Jonathan


10.13.2018 AT 07:02 AM
So if I am running Windows 10 v.1803 with mdt, currently deploying win10 1803, do I want to upgrade to ADK v.1809? Or if I have a win10. .1709 running mdt, deploying win19 v.1803, will I still want to upgrade my adk to the latest (currently 1809)? Just wondering if upgrading the adk on older windows versions of Windows will screw up anything in regards to mdt. Do we always want to update ADK to the latest no matter what version of win10 we have & no matter the version of win10 MDT is deploying? Or do the ADK versions need to match?

Ahmed Essam

02.14.2018 AT 04:07 AM
so what if the environment have a multiple windows 10 build numbers, and the current adk installed with SCCM is 1709 so the only version of windows 10 should be use is 1709 or ADK 1709 will support older version of windwos 10 such as 1703-1607 and so on.

Julio Moreira

02.28.2018 AT 07:21 AM
I would assume that previous Windows OS (client) versions continue to be supported when you are running the latest "server components" (SCCM and ADK). With that said, my concern is staying compliant with the Microsoft matrix documented below: Support for Windows 10 for System Center Configuration Manager https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/plan-design/configs/support-for-windows-10#windows-10-adk In parallel with that, keep an eye in the "What's New/Change" session in every ADK release to know the resources that are "new, deprecated, removed, etc.".

Jonathan Lefebvre

02.28.2018 AT 11:07 AM
Hi, yeah Microsoft doesn't provide a lot of flexibility here... The overall idea is to stay up to date. I do understand that is easier said then done, but that how Microsoft want it. :S Jonathan

Julio Moreira

10.17.2017 AT 12:59 PM
Hi Benoit, I got the ADK 1709 release note from Michael Niehaus on Twitter just an hour ago. I came here to let you know about that update, but you were faster than me! lol Thanks a lot for keeping this reference updated. It is very handy and I enjoyed this information last week while upgrading to CM 1706. Cheers! Julio


09.19.2017 AT 08:43 AM
Currently working with MDT for kaby lake laptop on a Windows 7 you just saved me hours of researches ! Thanks


06.02.2017 AT 09:51 AM
You should definitely add something about backing up any customized XML files used by USMT before uninstalling any version of the ADK from your server.


06.02.2017 AT 03:16 PM
Oops - I meant to put this comment on a different post.

Jonathan Lefebvre

06.04.2017 AT 09:04 PM
Hi Cristopher, We are reworking a part of the How To update Windows ADK post. We'll add a note about USMT XML files thanks Jonathan

Andreas Björklund

05.31.2017 AT 03:50 AM
Great list! The SecureBoot driver-bug is now fixed for 1703 ADK, and the patch is available at: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/configurationmgr/2017/04/14/known-issue-with-the-windows-adk-for-windows-10-version-1703/


05.31.2017 AT 08:14 PM
Thanks that's good to know. I will probably still wait to the fall ADK. I usually skip a release.


05.30.2017 AT 08:45 PM
Is the 1703 ADK deemed bug free? I know 1511 was a disaster but 1607 went by fine. I really hope they add a way to SCCM to update the boot image once you install a new ADK.