Add Distribution Point using Powershell

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Working in large environment with lots of DPs, I don’t like to add my distribution point manually.Since SCCM 2012 SP1 CU1, there’s a new Add-CMDistributionPoint CMDLET to do the dirty work.

First you need to add your site system in SCCM using this CMDLET (replace with your server name and site code)

New-CMSiteSystemServer -Servername “” -Sitecode PS1

Once run, you’ll see your new site system added to the SCCM console.

After, you need to add the DP role using : (replace with your server name and site code)

Add-CMDistributionPoint –SiteSystemServerName “” –SiteCode PS1 –MinimumFreeSpaceMB 5000 –CertificateExpirationTimeUtc “Saturday, March 28, 2015 5:55:05 PM”


The example provided assumes that IIS has been configured on the distribution point. You can add the –InstallInternetServer parameter which will install and configure IIS

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