SCCM 2007 : Hardware Inventory Failed at the Central (Badmif)

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I recently face an issue regarding replication between primary and central site. The hardware inventory information was push to the primary but not to the central. We have SCCM 2007 R3 Build 6487 installed. Client version is 4.00.6487.2207. The problem occured not on all resources. Symptoms Client side: No error in the inventoryagent.log. Sucessfully sent report to primary. Primary side: No error in the dataldr.log, no badmif and SQL database contains HW inventory information. Central side: Error in the dataldr.log with a badmif. SQL databse don’t contains HW inventory information. Full resync HW inventory:  No sign in log on the central Delta HW inventory: Badmif at the … Read More

Using import Queries for a Collection Membership Rule

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Did you ever create a bunch of collections that always contains the same 2-3 queries for a membership rule? I hope you’re not using notepad and copy paste the queries all the time. Long enough to get angry! I have a solution for you, use Queries node in Monitoring Overview section. Create the query with a right click. Enter a name and your query. When it will be the time to configure the membership rule of your collection, click on ‘Import Query Statement’ and select the query created. Not a big deal and I don’t use it often but it save me a lot of time … Read More

Use SCCM CMTrace like a Pro (Part 2)

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What are you doing when you want to troubleshoot SCCM client locally on a computer? Connect your USB card with the cmtrace.exe on it? Copy the executable file from a network directory? Do you want to be smarter? Create an application with a file detection method that will copy the executable file automatically on any SCCM clients. Download the file from Configuration Manager Toolkit. Step 1: Create a script to copy the executable file into the Windows directory Use this command ‘Xcopy /y cmtrace.exe %windir%’ in a cmd file. Enter the cmd file into the application program. Step 2: Add a detection method in the application properties Click on ‘Detection … Read More

No Collection Evaluator Component on a CAS with SCCM 2012

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I was creating a collection directly on the CAS like I do normaly within SCCM 2007 on a central site. The goal was to deploy a script on specific machines. I was having issue with the collection membership when I found that the CAS was having no colleval.log. I decide to look into site server components on the console and got a surprise. In SCCM 2012, collection membership is part of site data so it’s the responsibility of SQL database replication. Data is replicated from primary to CAS. This is why collection evaluator component are on the primary only and the refresh lasted a few minutes longer. Nicolas … Read More

SSRS : SMS_SRS_Reporting_Point Failing with Error Message 7405

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I was configuring the reporting services on a dedicated server when I received a SMS_SRS_Reporting_Point failing with 7405 on the component status failure message. The error logs from reporting services is : ERROR: Throwing Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.ItemNotFoundException: , Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.ItemNotFoundException: The item ‘/ConfigMgr_CAS’ cannot be found.; Cause: The datasource was not in the good directory. Resolution: Move the datasource on the SSRS website to the same place of the component configuration in SCCM 2012. SMS_SRS_Reporting_Point failing with 7405   Nicolas PilonFounder of System Center Dudes. Nick has been awarded in 2016 as a Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility category. Working as a senior SCCM and Intune advisor as … Read More