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Benoit LecoursNovember 19 20134 Min Read
SCCM KB2905002 installation guide and Useful Information

The first hotfix for SCCM 2012 R2 is out and it’s time to install it.I’ll document a...

Benoit LecoursNovember 14 20131 Min Read
SCCM 2012 R2 Application Uninstall Button is Grayed Out

I’ve found a bug in the latest SCCM release. SCCM 2012 R2 application uninstall button is...

Benoit LecoursNovember 13 20131 Min Read
Add Server Requirement using Powershell

Before an installation of SCCM, you need to enable a couple of requirements in sccm 2012 server...

Benoit LecoursNovember 13 20131 Min Read
sccm connect application catalog – Cannot Connect to the Application Server

The application catalog is one of the nice addition to SCCM 2012. It can be tricky to install,...

Benoit LecoursNovember 12 20131 Min Read
SCCM 2012 Reports not Running from the Console

SCCM reports are great way of getting information from SCCM 2012. Any users who has access to...