SCCM 1802 phased deployment was introduced as a pre-release feature and was supporting only Task Sequence deployments.  Beginning with SCCM 1806, it’s no longer a pre-release feature and it now supports application deployments.

If you’re not familiar with Phased deployments, they allow orchestrating a software deployment based on certain criteria and condition. For example, you could use it to deploy an application to a pilot collection and then automatically continue the deployment based on success criteria.

SCCM Application Phased Deployment Creation

For now, it’s only possible to create a 2 phase deployment. Let’s go ahead and deploy 7zip :

  • In Software Library / Application Management / Applications
  • Right-click an existing application and select Create Phased Deployment

SCCM Application Phased Deployment

  • On the General page, give the phased deployment a Name, Description and select Automatically create a default two-phase deployment
  • Click Browse and select a target collection for the First Collection and Second Collection

SCCM Application Phased Deployment

  • On the Settings page, choose one option for each of the scheduling settings
    • This is where you select which criteria need to be met before going to the next phase. You can select the Deployment Success Percentage and the Deferral Period for the second phase to begin

SCCM Application Phased Deployment

  • On the Phases page, review the two phases that the wizard created. As stated before, it’s not possible to add more phase for now but we are pretty sure that it will be available in further releases. Click Next

SCCM Application Phased Deployment

  • On the Completion tab, confirm your choices and then click Next to complete the wizard

SCCM Application Phased Deployment

Once created, check at the bottom of the console in the Phase Deployments tab, you’ll see your deployment there and can adjust its settings if needed.

SCCM Application Phased Deployment

Monitor SCCM Application Phased Deployment

Monitoring phased deployment has improved since the SCCM 1802 pre-release feature. Phase deployment has their own new monitoring dashboard. Here’s how to view the status of our phased deployment :

  • Open Monitoring \ Deployments
  • Find your phased deployment from the list, right-click on it and select Phased Deployment Status

SCCM Application Phased Deployment

  • The new dashboard opens and shows the status of both phases and its success criteria

SCCM Application Phased Deployment

This feature will improve over time in the next SCCM release. Stay current to benefits the new features!


Comments (2)


03.03.2020 AT 02:04 AM
Hi! When creating a phased deployment of Software Updates, I specify "User Notification" in User visual experience to "Display in Software Center, and only show notifications for computer restarts", for each phase. But, when the phases begin to work, these parameters return to default - "Display in Software Center and show all notification". The same goes for "Detail level" in Deployment Settings. Please tell me how to fix it. Many thanks!


08.14.2018 AT 09:12 AM
CCM R2 2012 SP1 ",I'm trying to import new drivers and the import process is stuck on "validating file permissions the logs it also states the driver already exists. I only have this issue with 3 driver packages from hp which are the hp 725 g4, hp 705 g3, hp 705 g4, on each of these i run into trying to create new driver sources/packages etc, the process will get stuck or freeze for an hour and when you check the logs it states the drivers already exist, but when you check the packages they are empty ive tried deleting the folders and re starting the process and placing the folder in a different location etc. how can i find where these drivers are hidden and delete them and also be able to finish the setup for these 3 pc models. i have searched online and tried numerous resolutions all have failed.