Create an SCCM Application Phased Deployment

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SCCM 1802 phased deployment was introduced as a pre-release feature and was supporting only Task Sequence deployments.  Beginning with SCCM 1806, it’s no longer a pre-release feature and it now supports application deployments. If you’re not familiar with Phased deployments, they allow orchestrating a software deployment based on certain criteria and condition. For example, you could use it to deploy an application to a pilot collection and then automatically continue the deployment based on success criteria. SCCM Application Phased Deployment Creation For now, it’s only possible to create a 2 phase deployment. Let’s go ahead and deploy 7zip : In Software Library / Application Management / Applications Right-click an existing application and select Create Phased Deployment On the General page, give the phased deployment a Name, Description and select Automatically create a default two-phase deployment Click Browse and select a target collection for the First Collection and Second Collection On the Settings page, … Read More

How to configure SCCM Phased Deployments

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Beginning with SCCM 1802, there’s a new pre-release feature that allows Phased Deployments. This feature allows automating a coordinated, sequenced rollout of a task sequence across multiple collections. For now, you can create phased deployments with two phases but will be extended for multiple phases in the future. This can be helpful to test certain deployment where you want to deploy to a test collection first and then a broader collection. All this happen automatically when using phased deployments. Enabling SCCM Phased deployments Since Phased deployments is a pre-release feature, we need to first enable it before we can use it. Go to Administration / Site Configuration / Sites / Hierarchy Settings In General, make sure you have check Consent to use Pre-release features Once enabled, go to Administration / Update and servicing /Features Click Phased deployment and right-click on it and choose Turn on Close and re-open the SCCM Console Creating a Phased … Read More