One of the new capabilities of SCCM Current Branch 1806, is to merge the Cloud Distribution Point along the Cloud Management Gateway. This provides an easier deployment method and also reduces the required certificates and cost of Azure VMs.

Before SCCM 1806, a standalone Cloud Distribution point requires 2 Standard A0 VMs but with the new SCCM 1806 capabilities, only the requirements for the Cloud Management Gateway remains, which is one Standard A2V2 VM. The storage cost remains the same as before. Microsoft provides a calculator to help plan ahead.

While our blog post is still accurate to install a Cloud Distribution Point standalone, using the Classic service Deployment, it should be considered the old way of doing this.

We’ll have a blog post on How to install a Cloud Distribution Point using Azure Resource Manager Deployment in the near future.


Configure SCCM Cloud Distribution Point

We will now enable the Cloud Distribution Point on our existing Cloud Management Gateway

  • Go to Administration/Cloud Services /Cloud Management Gateway, select your Cloud Management Gateway and select Properties

SCCM Cloud Distribution Point

  • Under Settings, check the box Allow CMG to function as a cloud distribution point and serve content from Azure storage at the bottom

SCCM Cloud Distribution Point

  • See %Program Files%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\CloudMgr.log for any errors
  • The status is also available under Monitoring \ Distribution status \ Distribution Point configuration status

  • Once completed, the Cloud DP is available to distribute content to it

What if you already have an SCCM Cloud Distribution Point stand-alone?

Configuring the Cloud DP on the Cloud Management Gateway is a completely new Distribution point.

Unfortunately, this will mean re-uploading the content to the “new” Cloud DP as part of the Cloud Management Gateway.

Note that the Cloud DP on the Cloud Management Gateway will not show up under Administration / Cloud Services / Cloud Distribution Points…

SCCM Cloud Distribution Point

…But it will show under Administration / Distribution Point

SCCM Cloud Distribution Point


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05.07.2019 AT 08:07 AM
Hi all , Thanks for this post . which is very useful . How to install a Cloud Distribution Point using Azure Resource Manager Deployment in the near future. We want to migrate Classic to azure resource . Can i have any details on this.

Bert Vangeel

08.07.2018 AT 02:34 AM
Hi Jonathan, thanks for the walk-through! We already implemented the stand-alone Cloud DP some time ago, so I'm very interested in the new function. Can you have both the stand-alone Cloud DP and the Cloud DP directly on the CMG. Will that work, to have it as a "fall back" in case the stand-alone is not functioning for whatever reason or to spread the traffic between the 2 DP's?