One of the common mistakes we still see is having SCCM Move Content Library folders on many different drives, most of the time not on purpose. Usually, this will lead to the C drive being full, or the drive where the SQL database sits. This will then cascade into a series of errors all over SCCM.

In this post, we will show how to use the SCCM Content Library Transfer tool to move distribution content folders


  • If you are running SCCM latest build, the tool is now build-in the install folder
SCCM Move Content Library
SCCM Move Content Library

Important Info

Turn out that the built-in version of the Content Library Transfer in SCCM 1802 and higher as issues that should be fixed with v1810 that should release soon.

This user voice item as all the details

Move SCCM Move Content Library


  • Run the tool locally on the distribution point. You can’t run it from a remote computer
  • Only use it when clients aren’t actively accessing the distribution point. If you run the tool while clients are accessing content, the content library on the destination drive may have incomplete data. The data transfer might fail altogether leading to an unusable content library
  • Don’t distribute content to the distribution point when you run the tool. If you run the tool while content is being written to the distribution point, the content library on the destination drive may have incomplete data. The data transfer might fail altogether leading to an unusable content library. 

  • Find the drives where there are Distribution Point content folder that shouldn’t be there
  • SCCM Move Content Library
    • You can see the Content Library folder location in a registry key:  HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS\DP\
    SCCM Move Content Library

    • As stated in the limitation, the Distribution Point needs to stop providing content to clients. This can be achieved by multiple solutions:
      • Remove the distribution point from any Boundary group
      • stop network connection to that distribution point
      • Stop IIS on that distribution point
    • Open a command prompt on the faulty distribution point
    • Browse to <SCCM install folder>\Tools\ServerTools
      • Using the old SCCM 2012 toolkit, the path will be <Program Files(x86)\ConfigMgr 2012 Toolkit R2\Server Tools
      • If this is to be run on a remote distribution point, simply copy over the ContentLibraryTransfer.exe
      • Command-line: contentlibrarytransfer.exe -SourceDrive f -TargetDrive e
      • You will need to repeat this if you have distribution point content on multiple drives and want to consolidate all of them
    SCCM Move Content Library

    • Transfer started. This will take time has it copy over all the content
    SCCM Move Content Library

    • Transfer completed
    SCCM Move Content Library
    • Content has been moved off the F drive
    SCCM Move Content Library
    • Put the SCCM distribution point back online

    Hope you found this blog useful!

    Comments (6)


    01.13.2021 AT 05:52 AM
    Hi Jonathan. Moving new content Library (disk E) to existing Content Library on Disk D I have here MECM 2010 with Disk C (System Disk) Disk D (SCCM) and a new Disk E MECM started to use E as space for Contend Lib cause D was run out of space. Now i made Disk D bigger and i would like to move the new content from Disk E to Disk D so that the whole Content Library is on Disk D. Is this also possible with that tool or only moving the whole Content Library from old disk to new disk ? Thank you very much for your feedback

    Jonathan Lefebvre

    01.13.2021 AT 08:25 AM
    Hi Stefan, yes this tool is designed to do exactly that. Jonathan


    02.20.2020 AT 09:48 PM
    DISTRIBUTION POINT CONTENT FOLDERS how to move share folder


    02.12.2020 AT 01:25 AM
    Hi, I used that on an DP for SCCM Current Branch 1902, I set Remote DP in Maintenance Mode and used the ContentTool as stated above. It did not copy over NTFS and SMB Permissions. After I set them SCCM copied the entire Library over because he said he could not validate the Packets. Can somebody tell me what happened?


    04.18.2019 AT 04:20 AM
    You can now use this new SCCM 1902 Feature : DP in Maintenance mode. And move that Lib ! 🙂

    Jonathan Lefebvre

    06.11.2019 AT 01:39 PM
    Absolutely! Thanks for the comment CBO Jonathan