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Microsoft has released a new version of SCCM Current Branch. It’s now time to upgrade your environment! This post is a complete step-by-step SCCM 1706 upgrade guide. If you’re looking for a complete SCCM installation guide, see our blog series which covers it all. You won’t be able to install this upgrade if you are running SCCM 2012, the minimum required version is at least SCCM 1702. This version is the latest baseline version.

It’s very important to keep your infrastructure up to date. You can benefit from the new features and fixes lots of issues, which some of them are important. It’s also easier to upgrade to the new version since Microsoft has implemented the new model of update servicing.

SCCM 1706 New Features and Fixes

1706 includes lots of new features and enhancements in the adoption of Windows 10 and Office 365 as well in modern management, mobile device management, site infrastructure, compliance settings, application management, software updates, reporting and device protection.

You can consult the What’s new in version 1706 of System Center Configuration Manager Technet article for a full list of changes.

Here’s our list of favorite features:

Support for SCCM Current Branch Versions

Ensure to apply this update before you fall in an unsupported SCCM version. Read about the support end date of the prior version of the following Technet article.

SCCM 1706 Upgrade Guide

Before you Begin

Downloading and installing this update is done entirely from the console. There’s no download link, the update will appear in your console once the Service Connection Point is synchronized.

If you’re running a multi-tier hierarchy, start at the top-level site in the hierarchy. After the CAS upgrade, you can begin the upgrade of each child site. Complete the upgrade of each site before you begin to upgrade the next site. Until all sites in your hierarchy are upgraded, your hierarchy operates in a mixed version mode.

Before applying this update, we strongly recommend that you go through the upgrade checklist provided on Technet. Most importantly, initiate a site backup before your upgrade.

In this post, we will update a stand-alone primary site server, consoles, and clients. Before installing, check if your site is ready for the update:

  • Open the SCCM console
  • Go to Administration \ Updates and Servicing
  • In the State column, ensure that the update Configuration Manager 1706 is Available

SCCM 1706 Upgrade Guide

  • If it’s not available, right-click Updates and Servicing and select Check for Updates

[su_note note_color=”#eebebc” radius=”8″]If the new version is still not available, you can run this script from Technet Gallery to Enable Early Update Ring. Take note that it’s optional, otherwise you will need to wait till it’s available on your console.[/su_note]

  • If the update is not downloading, click on the button Download on the upper node. The update state will change to Downloading
  • You can follow the download in Dmpdownloader.log or by going to Monitoring / Site Servicing Status, right-click your Update Name and select Show Status

SCCM 1706 Upgrade Guide

SCCM 1706 Upgrade Guide

  • The process will first download the .CAB file and will then extract the file in the EasyPayload folder in your SCCM installation directory.
    • GUID : b7700d5c-d16f-40da-bb0d-a8c5a90822b9
  • It can take up to 15 minutes to extract all files.

[su_note note_color=”#eebebc” radius=”8″]You may experience problems if the downloading status remains for a long time. You can find solutions on the net like the MVP Anoop post. Even though updates are becoming easier to do, this is the most common problem. Please note that starting with SCCM 1706, a reset tool has been included to help you in these situations. MVP Kent Agerland did a great post about the tool.[/su_note]

SCCM 1706 Upgrade Guide

Step 1 | SCCM 1706 Prerequisite Check

Before launching the update, we recommend to launch the prerequisite check first:

  • Open the SCCM console
  • Go to Administration \ Updates and Servicing
  • Right-click the Configuration Manager 1706 update and select Run prerequisite check

  • Nothing will happen, the prerequisite check runs in the background and all menu are unavailable during the check.
  • One way to see progress is by viewing C:\ConfigMgrPrereq.log

  • You can also monitor prerequisite check by going to Monitoring / Update and Servicing Status, right-click your Update Name and select Show Status

SCCM 1706 Upgrade Guide

  • When completed the State column will show Prerequisite check passed

Step 2 | Launching the SCCM 1706 update

We are now ready to launch the SCCM 1706 update. From this point, plan about 45 minutes to install the update.

  • Right click the Configuration Manager 1706 update and select Install Update Pack

SCCM 1706 Upgrade Guide

  • On the General tab, click Next

SCCM 1706 Upgrade Guide

  • On the Features tab, check boxes on the features you want to enable during the update

  • Don’t worry, if you don’t select one of the features now and want to enable it later, you’ll be able to so by using the console in Administration \ Updates and Servicing \ Features

  • In the Client Update Options, select the desired option for your client update

SCCM 1706 Upgrade Guide

  • On the License Terms tab, accept the license terms and click Next

  • On the Summary tab, review your choices, click Next and close the wizard on the Completion tab.

The whole process took a minute but the installation begins in the back end.

  • During installation, the State column changes to Installing

  • We suggest you monitor the progress, by navigating to Monitoring / Updates and Servicing Status, right-click your Update Name and select Show Status

Unfortunately, the status is not updated in real time. Use the Refresh button to update.

  • Open the SCCM log SCCM Installation Directory\Logs\CMUpdate.log with CMTrace

[su_note note_color=”#eebebc” radius=”8″]We’ve done numerous SCCM upgrades. Some installation start a couple of minutes after you complete the wizard but we’ve seen some installation starts after a 10 minutes delay. Do not reboot or restart any services during this period or your update can be stuck in “Prerequisite check passed” status. There’s actually no officially documented methods by Microsoft to fix that. Patience is the key![/su_note]

  • When completed, you’ll notice the message There are no pending update package to be processed in the log file
  • Monitoring / Updates and Servicing Status, right-click your Update Name and select Show Status, the last step will be Installation Succeeded

  • Refresh the Updates and Servicing node in Administration, the State column will be Installed

Updating the Consoles

As a previous Cumulative update, the console has an auto-update feature. At console opening, if you are not running the latest version, you will receive a warning and the update will start automatically.

  • Since all updates operations were initiated from the console, we didn’t close it during the process. We received a warning message when clicking certain objects. You will have the same message when opening a new console

  • Click OK,  console update will start automatically

SCCM 1602 upgrade guide

SCCM 1602 upgrade guide

  • Wait for the process to complete. You can follow the progress in C:\ConfigMgrAdminUISetup.log and C:\ConfigMgrAdminUISetupVerbose.log. Once completed, the console will open and you’ll be running the latest version



After setup is completed, verify the build number of the console. If the console upgrade was successful, the build number will be 5.0.8540.1000 and the version is now Version 1706 .


  • Go to Administration \ Site Configuration \ Sites
  • Right-click your site and select Properties
  • Verify the Version and Build number


The client version will be updated to 5.00.8540.1003 (after updating, see section below)


SCCM 1706 Client Package distribution

You’ll see that the 2 client packages are updated:

  • Navigate to Software Library \ Application Management \ Packages

SCCM 1602 upgrade guide

  • Check if the update is successful, otherwise, select both packages and initiate a Distribute Content to your distribution points

Boot Images

Boot images will automatically update during setup. See our post on upgrade consideration in a large environment to avoid this if you have multiple distribution points.

  • Go to Software Library / Operating Systems / Boot Images
  • Select your boot image and check the last Content Status date. It should match your setup date

Updating the Clients

Our preferred way to update our clients is by using the Client Upgrade feature: (You can refer to our complete post documenting this feature)

  • Open the SCCM Console
  • Go to Administration / Site Configuration / Sites
  • Click the Hierarchy Settings in the top ribbon
  • Select Client Upgrade tab
  • The Upgrade client automatically when the new client update is available check box is enable
  • Review your time frame and adjust it to your needs

SCCM 1706 Upgrade Guide

Monitor SCCM Client Version Number

SCCM Reports Client Version

You can see our SCCM Client version reports to give detailed information about every client version in your environment. It’s the easiest way to track your client updates.

SCCM 2012 - System Health Configuration Manager SS


In conclusion, you can create a collection that targets clients without the latest client version because is very useful when it comes to monitoring non-compliant client.

Here’s the query to achieve this: (You can also refer to our Set of Operational Collection Powershell Script which contains this collection)

select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.ClientVersion != '5.00.8540.1003' 


Happy updating!!

Comments (42)


11.19.2020 AT 11:11 AM
Hi, while updating the sccm server, the server was mistakely restarted and update is stuck in “Prerequisite check passed” status!!! Following error was shown in cmupdate log: Error: Could not copy of registry for thread SMS_DATABASE_NOTIFICATION_MONITOR. The Operating system reported an error.


12.29.2018 AT 02:54 PM
Every upgrade makes us wait for 15 minutes or while while the SMS_REPLICATION_CONFIGURATION_MONITOR tries to update over and over when it doesn't exist at our site. If the feature isn't implemented then the update shouldn't even try that step, no? There are a couple of other steps, too where the update process just sits for 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. I do appreciate that the coding is pretty darn good and I just need to start the process and let it go, but still room for improvement to shorten it. I'd love some guidance on what cmupdate.log errors I can ignore and which ones maybe I should follow up. All I can do now is "trust the process", and so far that's worked out!


05.10.2018 AT 11:16 AM
The prereq check is giving me the following warning "unsupported operating system for site system role" [Completed with warning]:Starting with version 1702, Configuration Manager does not support Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system. This check verifies that the site system operating system meets the minimum requirement of Windows Server 2012 for site system installation. There are 2 other checks similar to this one that have passed.. My primary server is running server 2016 standard so what's the issue? I don't see any warnings in the ConfigPrereq log so I'm confused as to what this warning is all about. If someone has run into this before and have been able to resolve it please let me know

Jonathan Lefebvre

05.11.2018 AT 08:34 AM
Hi Oilers97, All SCCM servers must be running 2012 and up with the exception of Distribution point. So if you have secondary sites, other management point, etc. they all must run WinServer 2012 and up. hope this help Jonathan


11.01.2017 AT 11:00 AM
Does anyone know where the installation files for the SCCM Console for 1706 are located? We updated from 1610 to 1706 this past weekend. The automatic update when you start the console works fine, but I need to be able to deploy it as an application. I was able to get it out of 1610, but I am unable to locate it in 1706. I found what appeared to be it under \SMSPKGSIG\000004B.6\SMSSETUP\BIN\I386, but when I attempt to run the consolesetup from that folder, it tells me it isn't compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows. Am I missing something obvious?

Per Elmsäter

10.10.2017 AT 05:22 AM
We just upgraded to 1706 on a newly installed 1702. After upgrade we could not install any clients due to version mismatch. - From cmsetup.log "Client version '5.00.8498.1008' is older than site version '5.00.8540.1005'. May skip this location." When I check in the console Production Client and Pilot Client version is still '5.00.8498.1008' although the binaries seem to be '5.00.8540.1005'. I tried running CMUpdatereset but was notified that update already was in post install state, How do I solve this mismatch without reinstalling the site?

Per Elmsäter

11.27.2017 AT 08:40 AM
Anyone else ran into this problem yet? Still looking for a solution.


10.05.2017 AT 11:31 AM
Help Required!!! After the upgrade from CM 1702 to 1706, OSD has stopped working. I m trying to deploy Windows 10 _1606 version. <![LOG[ Setting policy location = http:///SMS_MP/.sms_pol?SP120008-SP100067-6F6BCC28.2_00.]LOG]!> <![LOG[Request location: HTTP:///SMS_MP/.SMS_POL?SP120008-SP100067-6F6BCC28.2_00]LOG]!> <![LOG[ Setting policy location = http:///SMS_MP/.sms_pol?DEP-SP120008-SP100003-6F6BCC28.1_00.]LOG]!> <![LOG[Request location: HTTP:///SMS_MP/.SMS_POL?DEP-SP120008-SP100003-6F6BCC28.1_00]LOG]!> <![LOG[ Setting policy location = http:///SMS_MP/.sms_pol?{1e634014-b07b-47e7-8a5b-adcbee71c04e}.2_00.]LOG]!> <time="14:35:21.026-120"


10.04.2017 AT 10:59 AM
Does any one facing problem with SCCM Replication for the global Replication Group CMScripts in Primary Site servers? In our enviornmnet, we have two Primary Sites reporting a CAS. In both Primary sites, replication fails for Global Replication Group CMScripts. any idea to fix this problem will be helpful. Thanks, Mahantesh


10.04.2017 AT 07:55 AM
Hi People, So i just updated to SCCM 1706 on Windows Server 2012R2. When deploying a new machine Windows 10 1607 the task sequence is failing when the SCCM Clients starts installing. smsts.log Executing command line: "C:\_SMSTaskSequence\OSD\P0100003\ccmsetup.exe" /useronly /source:C:\_SMSTaskSequence\OSD\P0100003 /config:MobileClient.TCF /status:772 OSDSetupHook 4-10-2017 14:00:40 3868 (0x0F1C) Process completed with exit code 7 OSDSetupHook 4-10-2017 14:02:03 3868 (0x0F1C) FALSE, HRESULT=80004005 (e:\qfe\nts\sms\client\osdeployment\osdgina\installclient.cpp,1151) OSDSetupHook 4-10-2017 14:02:03 3868 (0x0F1C) Client installation failed, code 7 OSDSetupHook 4-10-2017 14:02:03 3868 (0x0F1C) Checking the ccmsetup.log shows : MSI: Actie 14:01:29: SmsGenerateFailureMIF. ccmsetup 4-10-2017 14:01:29 4088 (0x0FF8) MSI: Actie 14:01:29: SmsGenerateSuccessMIF. ccmsetup 4-10-2017 14:01:29 4088 (0x0FF8) MSI: Actie 14:01:29: CcmStopServiceRollback. Hiermee wordt de service CcmStartService aangeroepen, waarmee de service ccmexec wordt gestart. ccmsetup 4-10-2017 14:01:29 4088 (0x0FF8) MSI: Actie 14:01:29: ProcessComponents. Bezig met het bijwerken van de registratie van de onderdelen ccmsetup 4-10-2017 14:01:29 4088 (0x0FF8) MSI: Actie 14:01:29: CcmStopService. Hiermee wordt de service ccmexec gestopt. ccmsetup 4-10-2017 14:01:29 4088 (0x0FF8) MSI: Actie 14:01:29: StopServices. Bezig met het beëindigen van services ccmsetup 4-10-2017 14:01:29 4088 (0x0FF8) MSI: Actie 14:01:29: SmsUninstallPrepDrvr. Uninstalling Software Metering PREP Driver ccmsetup 4-10-2017 14:01:29 4088 (0x0FF8) MSI: Waarschuwing 25702. Failed to uninstall PrepDrvr.Sys for Software Metering Agent. ccmsetup 4-10-2017 14:01:29 4088 (0x0FF8) Also the last part of client.msi.log : Found online that adding /forcereboot should help. But that didn't do the trick. Any advice ? Thanks, Michael


07.23.2018 AT 06:12 PM
did you find a solution for this? I'm also experiencing said behaviour


09.27.2017 AT 05:57 AM
Hi, I've a question about the following sentence: "The minimum required version is at least SCCM 1702". But, according Microsoft Docs, the minimum SCCM version can be 1606. So it's a little bit confusing for me. I hope you guys can help me.

Jonathan Lefebvre

09.27.2017 AT 11:41 AM
Hi Nick, you are right, it's a bit confusing. If you are running SCCM 2012, you can't go straight to SCCM 1706 as this is not a baseline release. The baseline for an upgrade from SCCM 2012, is 1702. If you are already running a version of current branch, the minimum required is 1606. Hope it's more clear that way. thanks Jonathan


09.16.2017 AT 03:18 PM
1706 update completed successfully for us- status shows everything comPleted. On completion of that, Hotfix KB4042345 showed up. I saw that installations downloaded after 9/13 include this fix. We downloaded on 9/6 so our installation did not include the fix. We ran KB4042345 and the status shows installation completed successfully. Post installation has been "In progress" for 5 hours though. The first 5 entries have a status of "not started". The last 3 have a status of completed. Any advice? Not started: Installing SMS_EXECUTIVE service, Installing SMS_DATABASE_NOTIFICATION_MONITOR component, Installing SMS_HIERARCHY_MANAGER component, installing SMS_REPLICATION_CONFIGURATION_MONITOR component, Monitoring replication initialization. Completed: Updating Configuration Manager Client Preproduction Package, Updating Client folder on Site Server, Updating Configuration Manager Client Package


09.16.2017 AT 11:28 PM
Everything completed after a restart... I didn't originally want to restart if it was in the middle of something, but everything did resolve after a restart.

Eric Liu

09.14.2017 AT 09:46 AM
Thanks for this article. It's very helpful.


09.11.2017 AT 08:56 AM
I did my update over the weekend to Production without issue but it looks like the build numbers are different from when you all performed yours for this article. Console Version: 5.00.8540.1600 Client Version: 5.00.8540.1007 Site version is the same at 5.00.8540.1000

Jonathan Lefebvre

09.11.2017 AT 10:04 AM
Hi Mark, This is due to the early updates being part of the release you installed. See our post here about SCCM versions Our post was done with the early build. thanks Jonathan


09.08.2017 AT 04:49 AM
Got the same Problem: Deleted both; folder and cab file (0f11caa4-7f7f-454b-96d6-75f427d015ce) in EasySetupPayload and the 0f11caa4-7f7f-454b-96d6-75f427d015ce-Folder inCMUstaging Result: SCCM launch a new Download which stucks again. dmpdownloader.log Message: Error in verifying the trust of file 'e:\SystemCenter_Prg\SCCM\EasySetupPayload\'. SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER 08.09.2017 10:43:16 9432 (0x24D8) WARNING: Failed to call IsFileTrusted SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER 08.09.2017 10:43:16 9432 (0x24D8) I tried lots of possibilities -but no solution. After hours i gave up. Wait for the 1706 CM iso in VSLC.


09.07.2017 AT 10:32 AM
i am trying to download 1706, but stuck in downloading. I am seeing "Failed to extract the payload cab of package from Easysetuppayload" folder in dmpdownloader.log file. any solutions to fix this problem?


09.07.2017 AT 08:42 AM
Hello Jonathan Got the same problem as elsewhere – CM 1706 stuck since 6.9. 17 at download. None of the solution in the net gave it push. I downloaded the cmupdatereset tool - neither. What to do with this update now - wait til dawn?

Chris Bakke

09.07.2017 AT 07:34 AM
Failed installation. My upgrade is failing on a few files in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\CMUStaging\0F11CAA4-7F7F-454B-96D6-75F427D015CE\SMSSETUP\CLIENT\X64 files with 0kb size. I assume the CAB was corrupt in someway. Is there a way to force a redownload of the CAB file. I have tried deleting the files from CMUStaging and Easy setup payload. No change. CAN get re extracted with the same 0kb files.

Pedro Roeseler

09.06.2017 AT 04:48 AM
Hi. Just to add that I was able to solve the problem! Our maintenance window was defined to happen on Sundays... therefore the error message "It is not in any service windows defined for the site server. Will check later.". Once I changed the maintenance window, the process re-started immediately. Hope this helps someone. Cheers

Pedro Roeseler

09.06.2017 AT 03:49 AM
Hi Dudes. I started the upgrade yesterday at 8:00 am and the installation is stuck in "Check Service Window"... although the step is marked as complete I can see in the logs this messages: "Successfully reported ConfigMgr update status (SiteCode=PT1, SubStageID=0xd0008, IsComplete=1, Progress=1, Applicable=1) It is not in any service windows defined for the site server. Will check later." In the hman.log I have this: CheckSQLServiceRestart : SQL Service hasn't been restart since last time we check, skip it. $$ ~Wait for site control changes for maximum 3600 seconds... $$ Wait for client upgrade notification timed out. $$ Loaded client upgrade settings from DB successfully. FullClientPackageID=PT100003, StagingClientPackageID=PT100060, ClientUpgradePackageID=PT100004, PilotingUpgradePackageID=PT100061, ClientUpgradeAdvertisementID=PT120000, ClientPilotingAdvertisementID=PT120051 $$ Highest patch version is '5.00.8498.1711'. $$ Highest patch version is '5.00.8498.1711'. $$ Highest patch version is '5.00.8498.1711'. $$ Highest patch version is '5.00.8498.1711'. $$ INFO: Client baselines are up to date. $$ Update client deployment compliance state per baseline definition. $$ Waiting for Configuration Manager Client Upgrade changes for maximum 10764 seconds... $$ Successfully recorded currently running queries. $$ running queries will be polled in 600 seconds... $$ Successfully recorded currently running queries. $$ running queries will be polled in 600 seconds... $$ Successfully recorded currently running queries. $$ running queries will be polled in 600 seconds... $$ Successfully recorded currently running queries. $$ running queries will be polled in 600 seconds... $$ Successfully recorded currently running queries. $$ running queries will be polled in 600 seconds... $$ Successfully recorded currently running queries. $$ running queries will be polled in 600 seconds... $$ Wait for message forwarding notification timed out. $$ Waiting for ISM changes for maximum 3600 seconds... $$ Wait for message forwarding notification timed out. $$ Wait for Site Reassign notification timed out. $$ Wait for update notification timed out. $$ C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\CMUStaging\ApplicabilityChecks\CM1702-KB4018732_AppCheck_239E18DA.sql has hash value SHA256:2ADF7C178C4489FD03721EB496DAD7A713548934FF466C2D1621DF652EE72B7C $$ SQL MESSAGE: - Not a 1702 Fast Ring build, skip this hotfix $$ Configuration Manager Update (PackageGuid=239E18DA-5872-47BF-93C5-9531A744C6F3) is not applicable and should be filtered. $$ Check CMU status... $$ Successfully checking Site server readiness for update. $$ There are update package in progress. Cleanup will skip this time. $$ Waiting for Configuration Manager Update changes for maximum 3600 seconds... $$ Wait for message forwarding notification timed out. $$ Check CFD status... $$ Waiting for CFD changes for maximum 3600 seconds... $$ Wait for site control change notification timed out. $$ CheckPinResetCertificate() - start the pin reset certificate check task $$ Pin reset cert scan threshold is not met yet. $$ HandleRBACPermissions : Check if there is request. $$ End sync rbac permissions. $$ INFO: Enter HandleAIPermissions. $$ INFO: Enter GetUserOfAIManageRole $$ INFO: Enter GetUserOfAIDBRoleButNotManageRole $$ INFO: Exit HandleAIPermissions. $$ Update site server active directory information into DB $$ INFO: .SLG file not found ~ $$ CheckSQLServiceRestart : SQL Service hasn't been restart since last time we check, skip it. $$ ~Wait for site control changes for maximum 3600 seconds... $$ Successfully recorded currently running queries. $$ running queries will be polled in 600 seconds... $$ Successfully recorded currently running queries. $$ running queries will be polled in 600 seconds... $$ Successfully recorded currently running queries. $$ running queries will be polled in 600 seconds... $$ Successfully recorded currently running queries. $$ running queries will be polled in 600 seconds... $$ Any ideas? Cheers, Pedro


09.04.2017 AT 04:50 AM
Hi, We are still deploying 1511 in our task sequence, but it seems like after the update to SCCM 1706 the deployments fail.. I have ADK installed of 1511. Can i just install ADK 1703? (in combination with deploy w10 1511?)


08.25.2017 AT 10:44 PM
hi, The update 1706 is successfull and everything looks fine except for boot image. it is still not updated. Any clue or suggestion why and how can i update this boot image.

Jonathan Lefebvre

08.28.2017 AT 11:32 AM
Hi Orion, We have a post about updating the Boot images/Windows ADK. hope this help Jonathan