Jonathan LefebvreJanuary 15 202119 Min Read
Setup SCCM Cloud Management Gateway (SCCM CMG)

April 2022 Download and own the latest version of this SCCM Cloud Management Gateway...

Jonathan LefebvreMarch 26 20199 Min Read
Getting Started with Microsoft Autopilot and Windows 10 | Step-by-Step Guide

Since the announcement of Windows Autopilot there has been a lot of interest and questions about...

Jonathan LefebvreOctober 11 20181 Min Read
How to migrate Windows Analytics to Azure Portal

Microsoft has announcedĀ a while ago that the OMS Portal, used for Windows Analytics, was being...

Benoit LecoursJune 04 20183 Min Read
Enable SCCM Azure Active Directory User Discovery

Today, we are continuing our posts about SCCM 1706 new features. One of them is the ability to...

Benoit LecoursJune 04 20152 Min Read
Enterprise Mobility Suite available in Open Licensing

Since its releaseĀ last year, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) was only available via the...