8 Ways to Monitor Distribution Points in SCCM

Nicolas PilonSCCM12 Comments

Distribution Points are an important part of the infrastructure of SCCM especially if you rely on an inefficient network. Clients must able to reach them to install applications, packages, software updates, and operating systems. SCCM distribution point monitoring is an important part of your infrastructure health. If you plan to install new distribution points in your organization, refer to our distribution point installation guide in Configuration Manager 2012. Once the installation is completed the work does not stop there, you must be sure to manage and monitor them. Monitoring distribution points daily is required to maintain high service availability. In this post, we will explain the best ways to monitor distribution points such as: Console – Administration Console – Monitoring Site Status Console – Monitoring Component Status Console – Monitoring Configuration Console – Monitoring Reports Logs – Site System Server Toolkit – DP Job Manager System Center Dudes | System … Read More