Referenced Configuration Items Not Available in SCCM

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Are you importing your applications in SCCM when it’s time to copy applications from one environment to the other? In some company, SCCM is installed twice, one for development and one for production. SCCM in a development environment provides flexibility but it adds additional cost to maintain both environment. Using the import application wizard in SCCM can ease the process and save time to copy applications from one to another environment. In the best of worlds, it is best to keep environment identical much as possible, but it is very difficult to get there. The problem is that you can end up with missing features and import applications that require these requirements. Did you ever receive this Referenced Configuration Items Not Available error message at the end of Import Application Wizard? [su_note note_color=”#cbcbcb” radius=”8″]Error: Provider Exception: Referenced configuration items are not available [/su_note] This is because one of your Referenced Configuration items not available in the destination … Read More