Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 with SCCM

Jonathan LefebvreSCCM32 Comments

Last week, Microsoft announced the end of support for older version of Internet Explorer . Many organisations will need to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 soon. This post will describe how to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 with SCCM. There’s multiple ways to upgrade your Internet Explorer : Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Software Update with SCCM Standard Package with SCCM Task sequence with SCCM All of theses options were tested and the fastest installation is by using Task sequence because of the ability to manage restart and multiple consecutive steps to get everything installed in one deployment. IEAK could also do that, but we never had much success with it. Task sequence are made for OS Deployment, but they can be very useful with complex application deployment. In this post, we will cover : How to update to Internet Explorer 11 with SCCM using a task sequence … Read More

SCCM Internet Based Client Management

Benoit LecoursSCCM52 Comments

The goal of this post is to describe the steps needed to implement SCCM Internet-based client management. With the increasing client working from home, this solution would allow you to manage your client on the internet. The other option would be to install a cloud management gateway (CMG) Download the step-by-step guide in the download section or directly here. For now on, this blog post won’t be updated. Only the document will be. In this scenario, SCCM 2012 R2 is installed as a stand-alone primary site. For security reasons, a second site server will be installed in the DMZ to respond to internet clients’ requests. Internet clients are laptops and tablets that are sometimes on the intranet (work network) and some time on the internet. Assumption : Your primary site server is up and running Site server is installed in the DMZ Site systems that support Internet-based client management must have … Read More