SCCM Distribution Point Network bandwidth limitation

Benoit LecoursSCCMLeave a Comment

This post will explain how to handle SCCM Distribution Point Network bandwidth limitation. One of my clients wanted to limit bandwidth on their package distribution. Their reflex was to go in the DP properties and limit the available bandwidth. This was the way to go but their interpretation of the rate limit was wrong. This is one misinterpreted (and not well documented) feature of SCCM. Here’s what you see: Most people think “Hey I’ve got a 100Mbps link so let’s put 50% to limit SCCM to 50Mbps”… Wrong ! This is not how it works. Let explain how you should read it. I’ve found 2 really good article on external site about this: In resume SCCM will use the % you specify as to when it can use 100% of the available bandwith. In my example, I’m telling SCCM to use 100% of the available bandwidth 50% of the time (0 … Read More