SCCM Windows Store for Business Integration

Jonathan LefebvreSCCM, WINDOWS 1019 Comments

A few month ago, Microsoft released Windows Store for Business to help IT administrators to buy, manage and distribute Windows Store Apps on Windows 10 devices. At that time, the solution was useful but not fully operational from an administration perspective. Windows Store for Business integration with SCCM is a new feature of SCCM 1606 and it’s a great addition. This new feature offers the possibility for an enterprise to distribute and manage apps for Windows 10 devices while using similar methods for standard 32-bits applications. Key Features Manage Volume-Purchased apps Synchronize the list of purchased apps Apps that are synchronized appear in SCCM Console Easy creation of apps from the Windows Store for Business using the Application model Same distribution and deployment methods as standard applications Review licensing information in the SCCM console Limitations Support only free apps. Paid apps can’t be managed with the integration for now. For hierarchy with  a central administration site and at least one … Read More

Step-by-Step SCCM 1606 Upgrade Guide

Benoit LecoursSCCM75 Comments

The second upgrade for SCCM Current Branch (1511) is now available. This post is a complete step-by-step SCCM 1606 upgrade guide. If you’re looking for a complete SCCM 1511 installation guide, see our blog series which covers it all. You can’t install this upgrade if you are running SCCM 2012. You need to be at least at SCCM 1511. Installing SCCM upgrades is very important to your infrastructure. It adds new feature and fixes lots of issues, which some of them are important. New Update and Servicing model If you’re not familiar with the new SCCM servicing model, read our New Update and Servicing section of the 1602 upgrade post which explain it all. Similar to SCCM 1602, if you need to make a new SCCM installation, you can’t install SCCM 1606 directly. You need to install SCCM 1511 first and then apply SCCM 1606 from the console. SCCM 1511 is still the baseline version if you’re starting from … Read More