Connection can not be made because one already exists

Nicolas PilonSCCM5 Comments

We recently received incidents from the field that latest updates information under a specific site server were not updated even if a software updates scan cycle was enforced. We found out that the problem appears after a series of DNS changes and network modifications. Configuration Manager 2012 communicate software updates scan information using state message from the client to management point and site server. Features that use state message are mainly software updates, desired configuration management, network access protection and the client. You can refer to SCCM state messaging in depth for more details about state message process. Troubleshooting The steps to discover a state message problem is to audit logs layer from client to the site server. Successful state message are forward by the client to the management point in StateMessage.log. On the management point, Outboxmon.log shows the status of all outboxes that need to be communicated to site … Read More