Invalid Integer Property Value Out of Range in MP_HINV.log

Nicolas PilonSCCMLeave a Comment

We have enabled WMI class WIN32_Volume a few weeks ago. The goal was to inventory Mount Point. Before giving data to client, we have noticed a difference in the result between SQL database and WMI Instances. Problem The majority of mount point in SQL database in SCCM 2012 for v_GS_Volume have NULL to Capacity and FreeSpace columns. Executing the WMI query from the InventoryAgent.log contains no issue and the data is visible locally on the server. This confirms that the problem is not locally on the problematic client. Looking to the next step, the MP_HINV.log on the site server shows error invalid integer property value out of range for both property instances. This log contains records details about the conversion of XML hardware inventory records from clients and copy those files to the site server. Cause The cause of this issue is the comparison between the value of WMI instance locally on … Read More