Troubleshoot Windows 10 Update hard block

Jonathan LefebvreSCCM, WINDOWS 10Leave a Comment

Windows 10 Feature Updates can be tricky to troubleshoot. The trick is to find relevant information about what’s causing the Windows 10 Feature Update to fail. In a previous post, we covered the Windows 10 Feature update error 0XC1900208. This is still accurate and possible that it happens for a Feature Update to Windows 10 20h2. We followed the instruction in the blog post to find what’s preventing the Feature Update to run. We start to test the Feature Updates from Windows 10 1809 to 20h2 at a client site. Our previous post was not helping, since running Setup.exe manually returned a restart error. We restarted the machine without success. This was not the problem. In this blog post, we’ll describe how to troubleshoot Windows 10 Update hard blocks using various methods. Troubleshoot Windows 10 Update hard block The first place to look is in the Windows Panther folder: Browse … Read More