Manage Windows 10 Upgrades using SCCM (Windows as a Service)

Benoit LecoursSCCM4 Comments

Windows as a service provides a new way to think about building, deploying, and servicing the Windows operating system. Microsoft will releases new builds two to three times per year rather than the traditional upgrade cycle. Instead of doing traditional Windows deployment projects, you will need a continuous updating process which will reduce the overall effort required to maintain Windows 10 devices in your environment. SCCM Windows 10 Upgrades Summary This post will look at the available tools in SCCM to manage and deploy Windows 10 upgrades. We have broken down the post in 4 different sections : Windows 10 Servicing Dashboard What’s missing in the Windows 10 Servicing Dashboard Windows 10 reports Windows 10 Collections SCCM Windows 10 Servicing Dashboard The Windows 10 servicing dashboard provides information about Windows 10 computers in your environment, active servicing plans, compliance information, and so on. Let’s get a look at the different dashboard tiles: Windows 10 Usage tile … Read More