We came across an issue today while adding Windows 7 drivers for a new computer model to be deployed by SCCM. After deployment, the computer was showing an Unknown device warning in Device Manager even after installing all available drivers for the model. (Sorry for french screenshots)

Windows 7 unknown device tpm

Troubleshoot Windows 7 Unknown Device TPM

The first step to troubleshoot this issue is to get the Device ID of the unknown device.

In the Properties of the faulty device, Details tab, note the Device ID for the device :  ACPI\MSFT0101

Windows 7 unknown device tpm

When searching for the Device ID on the web, you will find out that this is the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip.

But why is it showing as unknown ? CAB files from DELL usually provide all necessary drivers.

When launching TMP.msc, we get an error that the TPM is not available :

Windows 7 unknown device tpm

If we disable TPM in the BIOS, the Unknown device is gone. But this is not the solution as this will prevent using BitLocker.

Windows 7 unknown device tpm


Windows 7 is not compatible by default with TPM v2.0 chips.


The solution is to install an on-demand KB2920188 from Microsoft.

After installing KB2920188, the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 is correctly installed.

Windows 7 unknown device tpm

Lauching TPM.msc, it shows that TPM can now be used and showing version 2.0.

Windows 7 unknown device tpm


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02.21.2017 AT 06:24 AM
Hi Guys, Do you know if the following schema extensions is required too? https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj635854(v=ws.11).aspx Thanks

Jonathan Lefebvre

02.21.2017 AT 10:10 AM
Hi Jo, Can't tell if the Schema is required or not. It seem only to be related to Windows 8, not the TPM being a V2.0. It is not required for the TPM 2.0 to work with Windows 7 for sure. Jonathan


12.12.2016 AT 08:40 AM
Bonjour, Ce KB n'est compatible que pour Windows 7 x64 et obligatoirement avec un UEFI comme configuration BIOS. L'émulation BIOS n'est pas pris en charge.