The Intune troubleshooting portal can be used by Intune administrators to view information about a specific Intune user. It can be used to troubleshoot many problems for example, licensing problem, the devices assigned to a user, details about enrollment issues, compliance issues, app installation failure and much more. The Intune Troubleshooting portal can also give suggested remediation steps to resolve issues.

You need at least the  HelpDesk Operator role (RBAC) to use the troubleshooting portal.

How to use the Intune Troubleshooting Portal

  • Go to your Azure portal
  • Select Microsoft Intune
  • On the Intune pane, in the Help and Support section, select Troubleshoot

Intune Troubleshooting Portal

  • On the left, click Select to select a user to troubleshoot

Intune Troubleshooting Portal

  • Select a user, click Select at the bottom

Intune Troubleshooting Portal

  • Once your  user is selected, you can view the full dashboard for this device

Intune Troubleshooting Portal


Let’s see what every section covers :

#1 – Account Status

Shows the status of the current Intune tenant as Active or Inactive

#2 – User Status

Shows the status of the user’s Intune license and statistics about device compliance, number of apps, and app compliance…

#3 – Group Membership

Shows in which Intune group the user belongs.

#4 – Assignments

Details about the assignments for the selected user. A drop-down, let you choose between Mobile apps, Compliance policies, Configuration policies, App protection policies, Windows 10 update rings and Enrollment restrictions. In our example, we selected Compliance Policies

Intune Troubleshooting Portal

Intune Troubleshooting Portal

  • Then you click a policy, you are sent to the Device compliance policy section and you can troubleshoot your policy.

Intune Troubleshooting Portal

#5 – Devices

Show detailed information about the devices assigned to the selected user.

Intune Troubleshooting Portal

  • When clicked, you are sent to the device information pane

Intune Troubleshooting Portal

#6 – App Protection Status

This shows the details about the app protection policies that are assigned to the selected user. At this time you cannot drill-down to the app protection section when a policy is clicked.

Intune Troubleshooting Portal

#7- Enrollment Failure

Shows the details about devices enrollment failures for the user. Each row shows an enrollment attempt.

Intune Troubleshooting Portal

  • When clicked on an attempt you are given more detail about the error. In our example, the Apple push certificate was not configured in our tenant

Intune Troubleshooting Portal

This is a very nice addition to the Intune portal. A must have for your help desk and Intune adminstrator !

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Cara Hart

02.11.2019 AT 05:09 PM
This is great information. One question: three of our users are Device Enrollment Managers, and are responsible for enrolling multiple devices. Should we be able to see those devices here? If not, how? Thanks! Cara