We have recently experienced a SCCM 2012 management point error 1603.

Scenario :

  • Installing a new MP gives an error 1603
  • SCCM 2012 R2
  • Windows 2012 R2

The first thing to check is the MPSetup.log, you can see the error 1603 but you have not much information about what’s the problem really is. You have to dig deeper in the MPMsiLog.LastError to see the root cause.

sccm 2012 management point error 1603











As you can see the error is cause by a previous version of the client being installed on the server. My environment had SCCM 2007 configured with the client push so my 2007 client was installed.


sccm 2012 management point error 1603




















I’ve removed the client using ccmsetup /uninstall and remove the MP role. Still the same error then re-adding the MP role.

What did the trick was to launch this PowerShell command that remove any trace of CCM in the WMI of my server.

Get-WMIObject -namespace “root” -query “SELECT * FROM __Namespace where name = ‘ccm'” | remove-wmiobject

Some part of the client was still in WMI preventing the MP install. Once completed I was able to install the MP with success.


sccm 2012 management point error 1603





















Lesson learn, be sure to exclude your new site server from your 2007 deployment method to avoid this kind of problems.


sccm 2012 management point error 1603

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04.20.2018 AT 01:47 PM
Great article ..saved my life


03.03.2014 AT 12:01 AM
I also had to remove the old MP data from HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftCCM registry. After doing that and removing the records from WMI the MSI would run through and get the promised return code 0