Use SCCM CMTRACE like a Pro (Part 1)

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Still using Notepad to read SCCM logs ? I don’t belive you. As a good admin, you are using SCCM CMtrace to read your logs files but I still meetĀ lots of SCCM admins that don’t know these 2 features.

Click on Menu / Tool / Error Lookup.

This box translate a generic error in something you can understand.

Error 2 ?

sccm cmtrace









Error 5 ? Ok easy one.

sccm cmtrace









You get it…now go have fun converting those nasty errors !

The second one is the Merge feature. Even wonder to merge 2 logs file together when troubleshooting ? Well you can.

File / Open, select the logs you want and check the box “Merge selected files”.

sccm cmtrace













Now you’re a pro. 5G achievement unlock !


sccm cmtrace

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