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In Part 1 of this series, we prepared the Intune environment for mobile device management. We also make sure we got the Intune subscription account.

In Part 2, we configured Active Directory and create users in Intune.

In Part 3, we prepared our Configuration Manager server in order to link it to Intune using the SCCM connector.

In Part 4, we enrolled an Apple iOS devices in SCCM.

In Part 5, we will enroll an Android device.

Android devices has a big market share along mobile devices. If your company has a BYOD approach and is pushing to manage all platforms, you will certainly need to enroll Android devices.

Here’s the main steps to enroll an Android device using SCCM :

  • Enable Android enrollment in SCCM
  • Enroll the device using the Microsoft Intune Company Portal App available from the Google Play store

Enable Android enrollment

Perform the following actions to enable SCCM for Android enrollment

  • Open the SCCM 2012 console
  • Go to Administration / Overview / Cloud Services / Windows Intune Subscriptions
  • Right click Windows Intune Subscription
  • Select Properties

SCCM android device enrollment

  • Select the Android tab
  • Put a check beside Enable Android enrollment, click Apply then OK

SCCM android device enrollment

Enroll the device using the Microsoft Intune Company Portal App

In order to enroll an Android device, you must install the Microsoft Intune Company Portal App. It can be installed on any Android device having Android 4 and later. (Phone and tablets)

The Microsoft Intune Company Portal app will allows to perform the following actions :

  • Erase all data (when executing a Remote Device Wipe)
  • Change the screen-unlock password
  • Set password rules
  • Monitor screen-unlock attempts
  • Lock the screen
  • Set lock-screen password expiration
  • Set storage encryption
  • Disable cameras
  • Disable features in keyguard

To download the App :

  • Open Google Play on your device and search for Microsoft Intune Company Portal. (Direct link)

SCCM android device enrollment

  • Select Install

SCCM android device enrollment

  • Once installed, open the application. You’ll be automatically asked to enroll your device. Select Next at the bottom

SCCM android device enrollment

  • Enter your Intune account and password

SCCM android device enrollment

  • You’ll get a warning on the action that an Administrator can perform on your device after activation, select Activate

SCCM android device enrollment

  • The enrollment process completes and enter the Company Portal

SCCM android device enrollment


In the Company Portal, look in the My Device section. You’ll see your device listed. If there’s a problem with enrollment, you’ll have a I sign beside your device name

SCCM android device enrollment


  • Open the SCCM Console and browse to Assets and Compliance / Device Collections
  • Open the All Mobile Devices collection  and verify that your device is listed

SCCM android device enrollment


If the enrollment process fails, you’ll get a prompt and you can select to send the diagnostic information by email.

SCCM android device enrollment

Overview | Mobile Device Management with Intune and SCCM 2012

SCCM android device enrollment

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01.12.2016 AT 07:04 AM Q. If a user renames a device within the Company Portal app will that name change in Intune or Configuration Manager? A. No, that name change is only for the user’s convenience.


12.11.2015 AT 12:01 PM
Hello, We have android devices and enroll them fine but the devices rename is never picked up in SCCM, we only ever get firstname.lastname_Android_date We name the device with a number on initial setup and rename it to match on the company portal on the device but the changes never push through. Do yuo have any thoughts as to why this maybe? Thanks