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This blog post has been updated. Please refer to the new SCCM Current Branch Installation Guide.

In this part of SCCM 2012 and SCCM 1511 blog series, we will describe how to install SCCM 2012 or SCCM 1511 System Health Validator Point (SHVP).

Role Description

The System Health Validator Point validates Configuration Manager Network Access Protection (NAP) policies.

This is not a mandatory site system but you need a System Health Validator Point if you plan to use NAP evaluation in your software update deployments. This site system integrates with an existing NAP server in your infrastructure.

Site System Role Placement in Hierarchy

The System Health Validator Point is a hierarchy-wide option. It’s supported to install this role on a Central Administration site, stand-alone Primary site, child Primary site. It’s not supported to install it on a Seconday site. The System Health Validator Point must be installed on a NAP health policy server.

SCCM 2012 System Health Validator Point Installation

  • Open the SCCM console
  • Navigate to Administration / Site Configuration / Servers and Site System Roles
  • Right click your Site System and click Add Site System Roles
  • On the General tab, click Next

sccm 2012 install fallback status point

  • On the Proxy tab, click Next

sccm 2012 install fallback status point

  • On the Site System Role tab, select System Health Validator Point, click Next

sccm 2012 System Health Validator Point

  • On the System Health Validator tab, click Next
    • There are no properties to configure for this site system role

sccm 2012 System Health Validator Point

  • On the Summary tab, review your settings, click Next and complete the wizard

sccm 2012 System Health Validator Point

Verification and Logs files

You can verify the installation in the following logs:

  • ConfigMgrInstallationPath\Logs\SMSSHVSetup.log – Detailed System Health Validator Point installation status

Configure Client Settings

In order to enable Network Access Protection on your clients, you must configure your client settings :

  • Open the SCCM console
  • Browse to Administration / Client Settings
  • Create a new client settings, select Network Access Protection on the left and choose Yes under Enable Network Access Protection on clients
  • Select the desired NAP re-evaluation schedule and click Ok

sccm 2012 System Health Validator Point


In case you’re used to NAP in SCCM 2007 and looking for a Network Access Protection node in the console, the 2012 version of NAP is slightly different.

From Technet:

The New Policies Wizard is no longer available to create a NAP policy for software updates: The Network Access Protection node in the Configuration Manager console and the New Policies Wizard are no longer available in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. To create a NAP policy for software updates, you must select Enable NAP evaluation on the NAP Evaluation tab in software update properties.


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