There’s a new field in v_R_system view on SCCM 2012 SQL database named Is_Virtual_Machine. It is really easier when it’s time to target virtual machines with this field instead using manufacturer, model or v_GS_Virtual_Machine under SCCM 2007.

Today, we were making a spot check in our data integrity when we found two manufacturers and models VMWare flagged as non-virtual machine.

Is_Virtual_Machine 01

In the SCCM SQL database, the source for v_R_system view is System_DISC. The associate WMI class is SMS_R_System Server. From the MSDN website, the description of Is_Virtual_Machine in the WMI class is.

Is_Virtual_Machine 02

1 is a virtual machine and 0 is a physical machine. How Is_Virtual_Machine is provided?

On the server itself, there’s a WMI query in the hardware inventory (InventoryAgent.log) pointing at CCM_DesktopMachine WMI class trying to find a field IsVirtual. As you can see, there’s no issue there.

Is_Virtual_Machine 03

We can see IsVirtual at FALSE in the WMI class. Where is the problem?

Is_Virtual_Machine 04

After few queries in the database, we came with a count of VMWare model in the SQL database and found two servers alone with ‘VMware7,1’ model. The SMS_BIOSName has also a specific version.

They were not listed in our main VCenter console. We finally found them in a VMWare 5.1 environment. At the end, they are real virtual machines with Is_Virtual_Machine at 0.

Is_Virtual_Machine 06

Do CCM_DesktopMachine_IsVirtual WMI Class support VMWare ESXI 5.1?

Comments (4)

Robinson Asirvatham

09.12.2019 AT 07:01 AM
Hi Nick , Did you get any resolution for this issue . I am having a same issue pulling the data from SQL

Nicolas Pilon

04.02.2020 AT 10:46 AM
Hello Robinson, No I didn't get confirmation. Do you still have the same problem? I would say to open a case on your side as well.