List of SCCM Endpoint Protection Agent Versions

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We have compiled a list of SCCM Endpoint Protection agent versions, build numbers and cumulative updates. Anti-Malware platform updates are cumulative, meaning that the latest one includes the previous one.

If you are new to System Center Endpoint Protection, see our complete guide which covers it all. We documented a few years back… since the SCCM 2012 RTM release. If we missed some versions, please let us know and we will update this post.

This post will be updated as new releases are made available.

**Updated 2017/04/10**

ReleaseVersionDetails link
April 20134.2.0223.1KB2828233
August 20134.3.215.0KB2865173
November 20134.4.304.0KB2907566
October 20144.6.0305.0KB2998627
March 20144.5.0216.0KB2952678
Febuary 20154.7.205.0KB3036437
May 20154.8.204.0KB3049560
September 20164.10.205.0KB3188693
March 20164.9.218.0KB3106514
January 20174.10.209.0KB3209361
Febuary 2017NAKB4010105

How to get your SCCM Endpoint Protection Agent Version Numbers

An easy and built-in way to evaluate Endpoint Protection version of the agent is to use the Software Update Compliance information:

  • Open the SCCM console, go to Software Library / Software Update / All Software Updates

SCCM Endpoint Protection agent version

  • Click on Add Criteria and check: Product & Update classification

SCCM Endpoint Protection agent version

  • Select Product: Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010
  • Update Classification: Critical Updates

SCCM Endpoint Protection agent version

  • This will list all available System Center Endpoint Protection agent versions available and provide statistics of Installed or Required

SCCM Endpoint Protection agent version

System Center Endpoint Protection Agent Supported Platform

Microsoft plans to release one or two Anti-malware platform update per year for down-level OS (Windows 8.1 and up)

Here’s Microsoft official statement about supported platforms:

During the technical support (only) phase, commercially reasonable support incidents will be provided through Microsoft Customer Service & Support and Microsoft’s managed support offerings (such as Premier Support). If a support incident requires escalation to development for further guidance, requires a non-security update, or requires a security update, customers will be asked to upgrade to the latest platform version.

(Platform versions older than N-2 are no longer supported.)

VersionAvailability DateSupported Phase
4.7 (baseline)February, 2015Technical Support (Only) for upgrades to the latest platform version
4.8May, 2015Technical Support (Only)
4.9April, 2016Technical Support (Only)
4.10October, 2016Security and Critical Updates

For more details on the supported platform, see the Technet Article

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    1. Have you heard back on this? I would like to verify the same so that I know we are up-to-date. I don’t see any other System Center Endpoint Protection Client (2012) since 2/28/2017.

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  1. Thanks for the info. However, it is useless without links to download the offline installers for each version. Something EVERYONE must demand Microsoft supply in an easy to find location.!

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