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With the release rhythm of SCCM and latest requirements on the OS and SQL side, sometimes, it’s inevitable to migrate to a newer operating system to remain under support and also gain new features as part of the latest SCCM Current Branch release. This product is a complete SCCM Migration Guide.

Over the years, we’ve done many migrations of all kinds, depending on the environment and needs. We created this complete SCCM Migration to a new operating system guide based on our knowledge and experience.

This guide is a refreshed version of our previous post about Side-by-Side Migration to new Hardware. It also includes answers and how-tos to the most commonly asked questions on side-by-side migration. Also included: all the details to achieve the migration to a new operating system by using the Backup and Restore strategy.

This guide aims to help SCCM administrator evaluate, plan, understand and achieve a migration to a newer operating system for the SCCM site server.

The guide will help you achieve these tasks:

  • Compare both migration scenarios in detail
    • Backup and restore
    • Side-by-Side migration
  • Achieve the migration by using the Backup and Restore strategy
  • Achieve the migration by using the side-by-side strategy
  • Follow up steps to get to the latest Current Branch build

This guide does not cover how to do In-place OS Upgrade for SCCM site server

This guide does not cover how to upgrade SQL

Download and own the latest version of SCCM Migration to new Hardware in a single PDF file.

The PDF file is a 62 pages document that contains all information to help SCCM administrator evaluate, plan, understand and achieve a migration to a newer operating system for the SCCM site server. Use our products page or use the button below to download it.


Migration Guide to new operating system document screenshots

SCCM Migration Guide
SCCM Migration Guide
SCCM Migration Guide
Comments (10)

Kieren Reeks

06.24.2020 AT 06:25 PM
Hi there, I purchased your guide about 12 months ago, just wondering if there were any updates since then? thanks

Jonathan Lefebvre

11.02.2020 AT 08:53 AM
Hi Kieren, No, I haven't updated the guide in awhile. It is still accurate. thanks Jonathan


06.23.2020 AT 11:47 PM
Hey Guys, Thanks for this Guide. I am half way through my Side-by-Side migration and decided to double check something I did by looking at your guide as well. I think I got confused in all my research at the part when to copy content library and when not to copy it. SO my dilemma is. I copied the content Library as is from the old site server(with different server name and site code) to the new site server. I know this should be done when I do Backup and restore type migration As mentioned I am doing Side-by-Side migration and copied the Content library before I started doing Migration jobs. The few migration jobs I then did completed fine with success, however I am not sure if the fact that I copied the Content Library folders and files to the new site server will affect my future deployments or not? I did not over write anything in the content library so I can probably delete the Copied content. Can you please let me know your thoughts if this copied data from the old site affect anything negatively? Can I delete the copied Data from the old Content library and start rerun the migration jobs? Cheers

Jonathan Lefebvre

11.02.2020 AT 08:57 AM
Hi Kruger, SCCM Migration task do not migrate content (actual source files for apps, packages, OS, drivers, etc.) The migration tasks only migrate content hosted in the database basically. If you modify copy the content to a new server, paths will need to be changed on all apps, packages, OS, driver, etc. that is impacted by that path change. There are quite many tools developed by the community that eases that. I provide many of them in the guide. thanks Jonathan


06.24.2020 AT 06:16 PM
Old Site 1710 On Windows Server 2008 New Site 2002 on Windows Server 2019

S├ębastien Ossywa

03.12.2020 AT 08:38 AM
Hi I bought the guide and it is great. I am going through it but I ran into an error and I am not sure how to correct it. ERROR: The install build version 5.00.8853 being used for recovery does not match the installed build version 5.00.8913 of the backup. $$ I understand the reason for the error (I had Version 1910, but the install version is 1906). But I cannot find an installation for 1910. Is there an installation file for 1910 that would allow the process to go through? Thanks

Jonathan Lefebvre

03.12.2020 AT 08:45 AM
Hi Sebastien, please review page 10." If you are already using a Current Branch build of SCCM, you need to validate that the CD.Latest folder is available in the backup folder. This will be used to reinstall the site server on the new server later." thanks Jonathan


07.20.2018 AT 09:52 AM
Hi Will this guide be available for free at some point ?


05.05.2018 AT 12:32 AM
Dear Sir Could you please give me some advice? currently i have a SystenCenter 2012R2 (5.0.7958.1604, standalone) on Win Server 2008R2, and the sql server is 2013 version, could i upgrade it to 1711 directly ? i plan install a 1711 on Server 2012 or 2016 and then migration currently environment to new one, could this guide help me to finish this job? thank you !

Dell Support Number

04.10.2018 AT 11:51 AM
Thanks for sharing the whole process in a much understandable way. This clear and straight way of analyzing and evaluating technology whether old or new. I am an experienced entrepreneurial trainer. Really great information. I appreciate your extraordinary work towards your customers.