Beginning with SCCM 1710, you can customize the SCCM Software Center to set a specific company name, colour theme and company logo. SCCM 1806 bring the customization further with the possibility to add a custom web page to the Software Center.

You may find this feature useless but we see this as an opportunity to add valuable information to your users, and for multiple uses. Here are some ideas we thought :

  • Add your ticketing system for your users to open a support ticket
  • Add your company intranet
  • Add a Sharepoint library which contains your application’s documentation
  • Add a useful blog for your IT users
  • Create a specific website for all your available resources before upgrading to Windows 10
  • Add the FIFA webpage during World Cup (… ok probably not)

Since this setting is set using client settings, you can have different URL depending on a specific collection making the possibility endless. This blog post will show the step required to customize the SCCM Software Center

SCCM Software Center Customization Prerequisites

All of these steps require at least SCCM 1710 to be installed. Follow our blog post to upgrade to the latest version if it’s not the case.

Company Branding Customization

We will start our SCCM Software Center customization by adding our company name, colour theme and company logo.

  • Open the SCCM Console
  • Go to Administration \ Client Settings
  • Create a new or open an existing Client Settings
  • Go to the Software Center tab
  • Set Select these new settings to specify company information to YES

SCCM Software Center Customization

  • Click on Customize
  • On the SCCM Software Center Customization
    • Enter your Company Name
    • Select the colour scheme
    • Add your company logo (The maximum logo size is 400×100 and 750kb)

SCCM Software Center Customization

  • Additionally, you can choose to Hide some pane from the Software Center

Software Center Custom Website

We will now add a custom webpage to the SCCM Software Center. (SCCM 1806+). We will add a popular SCCM blog…

  • Still in the Client Settings / Software Center, click on Tabs
  • Check Specify a custom tab for Software Center
    • Enter the desired Tab name – Support
    • Enter the Content URL –

  • Click Ok and close the Client Settings
  • Now deploy the Client Setting to a test collection


On a device which is a member of the collection where the client setting has been deployed, initiate a Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle. Wait 1-2 minutes and open the Software Center

SCCM Software Center Customization

You should see your customization. If it’s not the case, close and reopens the Software Center, it should show up.

SCCM Software Center Customization


Comments (9)

Mohammad Naser Sultani

02.10.2020 AT 07:58 AM
We are looking for software to manage and control Work group computer like domain Controller


03.19.2019 AT 12:48 PM
Agree with other posters about the scripts error. I get that on almost any page I link to.


02.11.2019 AT 03:14 PM
It works but, I get script error - An error has occurred in the script on this page. But the website still shows up. Not sure how to fix script error within I E 11.


02.07.2019 AT 04:58 PM
It seems that the custom website option uses internet explorer as the web browser regardless of the user's default browser that they have set on their computer. Is there a way to have the Software Center Custom Website open in any other browser other than internet explorer? Thanks!

Abdulrehman Altaf

11.12.2018 AT 03:30 PM


11.09.2018 AT 08:25 AM
Very nice service! In our case when testing we keep getting a question if we want to run scripts (our ticket system for support is using scripts). It works really good and my question is: Is it possible to accept scripts to run just once and it remembers it? Like a setting or GPO? And as Marco asked what browser is being used?


10.30.2018 AT 05:19 PM
Hi, Nice new feature of software center. but: Is there a possibility to create some own folder structure.?


09.27.2018 AT 11:43 AM
For some reason, when I configure the client settings for the custom tab, it does not display. Any thoughts on that?


09.05.2018 AT 05:51 AM
What browser is being used for the custom tab?