Software Update management is not the simplest SCCM task. Over the years, we trained many SCCM administrators using a simple approach and deployment strategy. We finally decided to create this complete SCCM Software Update Management Guide.

This guide is a best-practice guide on how to plan, configure, manage and deploy software updates with SCCM. This guide aims to help SCCM administrators understand the basic concept of each part of the patch management process. This guide does not explain how to setup your Software Update Point.

There are other ways of doing software update management in SCCM, this document describes a typical case that can be used in any organization as a good starting point. It’s impossible to cover every organization’s needs and requirements in a single guide.

Update information

Guide updated 2020/04/27

SCCM Software Update Management Guide

The guide will help you achieve these tasks :

  • Guide you toward a good deployment strategy.
    • When and how to deploy patches?
  • Setup your SCCM environment correctly.
    • Are you synchronizing the right products and classification?
  • Create Collections for Software Update deployment.
    • Effective targeting of your workstation.
  • Setup Maintenance Windows.
    • Use them to prevent reboot and exclude certain devices from the process.
  • Create Software Update Groups and Deployment Packages
    • Understand the difference between both
  • How to exclude certain updates from your monthly process
  • Create Searches to target specific updates
    • Save lots of time by creating effective searches
  • Configure your clients’ settings
    • Control reboots and notifications on clients
  • Describe the monthly tasks that need to be done
    • When to do each task?
  • Create and set up Automatic Deployment Rules
    • Increase your productivity level using ADR
  • Add software updates to your Operating System Deployment
    • Ensure that new systems are patches right at build time
  • Cleanup and operational best practice
  • Which group policy needs to be configured
    • Ensure that you don’t have an overlapping policy with your WSUS server
  • How to monitor your deployments
    • The key to your management. Know which systems are patches and which one is required
Download and own this SCCM Software Update Management Guide in a single PDF file.

The PDF file is a 50 pages document that contains all information to manage software updates with SCCM. Use our products page or use the button below to download it.


PDF Document screenshots

SCCM Software Update Management Guide
SCCM Software Update Management Guide
SCCM Software Update Management Guide

If you’re new to SCCM or simply want to deepen your knowledge of the patch management process in SCCM, this guide may be a great resource to add to your virtual bookshelf.

Comments (28)

Venkatesh Reddy

10.14.2019 AT 04:04 PM
please share the SCCM guide to learn more new things.


07.20.2019 AT 11:19 AM
HI I have some clients who need good sites so we have found your site which is good but our budget is not high so please give us price for we need dofollow link we will pay you through paypal need time for paying 3 to 4 days because only need verification from client you can trust on us because we will not cheat you as we receive payment from client we will forward you.. Wait....


12.10.2018 AT 02:12 AM
Hi Benoit Would you please email the same to [email protected]. Thanks in advance Tinash


05.11.2018 AT 01:39 PM
Makes no mention of the concept of "business hours" and how it affects the deployment of updates (and boy does it affect them). Good luck with your googling, readers of this.

Benoit Lecours

08.13.2018 AT 12:49 PM
Hello, Thank you for our feedback, based on your comment, we included this information in version 2 of this guide. We'll be more than happy to provide an updated version. Just send us a mail and we'll send it.

Pete Howard

04.27.2018 AT 07:07 PM
Very disappointed in this guide considering its 2018 and Windows 10 / Server 16 are the mainstream systems. If I had known this guide had not been updated in over 4 years I would not have purchased it.

Benoit Lecours

08.13.2018 AT 12:51 PM
Hi Pete, Thank you for your feedback. This guide was created in January 2017 but you were right with your Windows 10 comment. We now release version 2 of this guide and we'll be happy to share it with you. Just send us an email and we'll send it.


12.18.2017 AT 03:10 PM
Isn't it recommended to not use maintenance windows on client updates? If a client machine is not on or available during the maintenance window, it will not get patched when it turns back on. Is that the case?

Benoit Lecours

08.13.2018 AT 12:54 PM
Yes, maintenance windows need to plan correctly. If a maintenance window is only available at night and computer is never "online" during that time, updates will never be installed. You are right.


07.11.2017 AT 10:02 AM
How can i download the guide again if I have already purchased the document?

Benoit Lecours

08.13.2018 AT 12:52 PM
Hi Charles, Just login into your account, you'll have the file available to download. Drop us an email if you need help.

vince carnett

06.02.2017 AT 01:50 PM
Respectfully, I'm a bit disappointed. I really expected more in depth, step-by-step in each topic. e.g., Collections is only one page and does not go into detail on how to actually create a collection and rules. To me this looks like basic material that I can see online without paying $15. Maybe I'm missing something?

Benoit Lecours

06.21.2017 AT 09:04 AM
Hi Vince, Sorry to get you disappointed, thanks for your comment. We are always looking to improve. Feel free to share your ideas on how to improve the product. We'll be more than happy to add your suggestions. Drop us a private email and we'll look how we can get you satisfied! 😉

Ross Rozga

05.22.2017 AT 02:06 AM
Does this guide detail patching for SCCM 1702? i.e. include express updates?

Jonathan Lefebvre

05.23.2017 AT 09:45 PM
Hi Ross, This guide can be used for patching with SCCM 1702. It doesn't covert Express Update files . We did a post about Express Update files, As for now, it doesn't seems to be effective as it takes hours to download a single Cumulative Update. Jonathan

Alex Janes

04.10.2017 AT 08:58 AM
Is this guide for purchase only? It seems like it is missing a large chunk of content.

Jonathan Lefebvre

04.10.2017 AT 10:18 AM
Hi Alex, Yes it's a purchase only guide. Jonathan

Alex Janes

04.10.2017 AT 10:25 AM
Hey Jonathan, Sounds good. Thanks for the follow up. I sent an email with payment issues. I will follow up with you guys there. Thanks for the great content!


02.07.2017 AT 10:57 PM
Unfortunately it still points to that MDM website when you hover around "SCCM Software Update Management Guide"

Benoit Lecours

02.08.2017 AT 08:03 AM
Thanks for pointing that out. The link is now fixed.


02.07.2017 AT 02:06 PM
On this page: the SCCM document points to the MDM Intune page.

Benoit Lecours

02.08.2017 AT 08:02 AM
Thanks for pointing that out. The link is now fixed.

Anton Masyan

02.04.2017 AT 01:15 AM

Benoit Lecours

02.05.2017 AT 08:43 AM

Fixed ! Thanks Anton.