We encounter an interesting issue at a client today. All Windows 10 1511 clients were failing to install a cumulative update and send their Software Update scan status to the SCCM Software Update Point. We were trying to apply the latest Windows 10 1511 Cumulative Update KB4019473 to ensure protection against WannaCry outbreak.

SCCM Software Update Scan Error 0x80240fff Symptoms

We started by making some verifications:

  • Software Update Point was healthy
  • Software Updates Group were created with the needed update and deployed to the client collection
  • A required schedule was set on the deployment
  • Clients were pointing to the right Software Update Point
  • Client needed this update and was not previously installed
  • In the SCCM Console, Software Library \ Software Updates \ All Software Updates, no devices were requesting this update

SCCM Software Update Scan Error 0x80240fff


Since everything point to a client error we check the client logs:

  • The UpdateHandler.log (C:\Windows\CCM\Logs) shows repeated errors : Update scan completion received, result = 0x80240fff
  • The scan was unable to complete and send the result

SCCM Software Update Scan Error 0x80240fff

  • Using the Get-WindowsUpdateLog PowerShell command we generated the WindowsUpdate.log and open it
  • There again, same error is shown: 0x80240FFF
  • Key information about the failure is in this file : Two Swap OSUpgrades are found, Update1 ={Guid}, Update2 ={Guid}

SCCM Software Update Scan Error 0x80240fff


We now have a clue that 2 updates are causing the scan to fail. We open SQL Management Studio to find which update is causing the problem based on the GUID.

  • In Object Explorer, expand Database
  • Right-click your CM_XXX database and select New Query
  • In the query window, enter the following query by replacing the GUID1 and GUID2 you noted in the WindowsUpdate.log
    • select * from v_UpdateInfo where CI_UniqueID = ‘GUID1′ OR CI_UniqueID =’GUID2’
  • Look for the Title column to see the update name

SCCM Software Update Scan Error 0x80240fff

  • Open Windows Update Services
  • Go to Updates, right-click All Updates and select Search

SCCM Software Update Scan Error 0x80240fff

  • Enter the name of the update and click Find Now
  • Right-click the problematic update and select Decline
  • Repeat for the other problematic updates

SCCM Software Update Scan Error 0x80240fff

  • Go back to the SCCM console
  • Right-click Software Library \ Software Updates \ All Software Updates, select Synchronize Software Update
  • Once the sync is complete on the server (see ConfigMgrSetup\Logs\Wsyncmgr.log), reinitiate a Software Update Scan Cycle on the problematic client

SCCM Software Update Scan Error 0x80240fff

  • Scan error should be gone and required computers number should go up in the SCCM console

We still haven’t tested to “Re-Approved” the problematic update after a successful scan. We were also not able to pinpoint the exact cause of this issue. We’ll update this post if we have more to share about this.



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10.23.2018 AT 08:21 AM
I have tried running the Get-WindowsUpdateLog command on several machines, but it yields a WindowsUpdate.log file which is basically useless. Here is some of the output: Unknown( 14): GUID=6a9ca166-05dd-526c-1c1f-debabd5c1fe1 (No Format Information found). Unknown( 19): GUID=b973d40c-60e0-5221-6317-8bb9696fac42 (No Format Information found). Unknown( 133): GUID=b973d40c-60e0-5221-6317-8bb9696fac42 (No Format Information found). Unknown( 153): GUID=b973d40c-60e0-5221-6317-8bb9696fac42 (No Format Information found). Unknown( 127): GUID=b973d40c-60e0-5221-6317-8bb9696fac42 (No Format Information found). Unknown( 16): GUID=da339c34-09eb-cf2a-8ed2-f0ed574ce0c4 (No Format Information found). Unknown( 19): GUID=b973d40c-60e0-5221-6317-8bb9696fac42 (No Format Information found). I've tried installing the unwieldy SDK just to get access to the tracefmt.exe tool. It did not work as intended. Well, at least not according to the several articles I read which all lead here. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/charlesa_us/2015/08/06/windows-10-windowsupdate-log-and-how-to-view-it-with-powershell-or-tracefmt-exe/ Since Microsoft changed the availability of their symbols, I cannot download them. I did try pointing the tool to https://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols (which is the default target path for tracefmt.exe) but that made no difference. If any one can advise, I would be extremely grateful. Also fyi, we're running System Center 1802. Pushing out both the January and September Feature Update for 1511 to 1709. I don't have the KB numbers handy, sorry. We've had hundreds of devices receive this update successfully. It's just a couple dozen that are having problems. My gut is telling me that there is some pre-requisite which is missing. I have attempted to manually deploy the April Cumulative Update to these machines, and that is failing as well (except on three of the machines.) Please let me know if anyone needs any more info. Thank you.


07.30.2018 AT 10:29 AM
we have the same issue while upgrading from 1511 to 1709 Article ID: 3012973 1709 Feature update, kindly share the updates on how we can fix the issue in the PC. also we are getting the same error what is mentioned in the thread, the link shared http://www.gregorylab.com/2017/04/26/windows-10-1511-sccm-cb-wsus-error-0x80240fff/ is not working so kindly share the steps involved in fixing this issue. thanks


01.07.2018 AT 10:50 PM
No Need to decline updates; Just need to install the latest cumulative updates for each windows version; The new cumulative updates are KB4016871 (1703), KB4019472 (1607), KB4019473 (1511), KB4019474 (RTM)

Andris Brigers

11.09.2017 AT 04:05 AM
Hi guys, After troubleshooting this for a while i was able to resolve this issue. My Scenario: 0. SCCM 1702, computers with latest agent version. 1. Update scan worked presumably fine, but the only updates actually getting installed were SCEP definitions. 2. Non of the 1511 cumulative updates were installed for more than 6 months (last update build 10586.494) 3. With updates not installed, update agent was also old. 4. After pushing the 2017-11 cumulative update (using package, because WUA was broken) - update install was successful with exitcode 3010 (restart required) 5. After rebooting computers, Servicing deployment started to work fine (no more 0x80240fff in the WUAHandler.log).

Radi Masarliev

10.13.2017 AT 10:16 AM
We had exactly the same issue without any without any key information available at Get-WindowsUpdateLog. Microsoft Support Solution: Installing the superseded 2017-06 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB4022714) as a Package did the miracle.


05.22.2017 AT 09:13 AM
We seem to have this issue as well. Many clients are not updating since the 1702 sccm client version installation.


05.22.2017 AT 09:57 AM
it were the feature updates 1606 and 1702 in wsus..! thanks the agents are updating again! đŸ™‚

Francis Frialde

05.18.2017 AT 10:38 PM
Installing at least the March Windows 10 CU will fix this issue. Microsoft confirmed that this is a bug from their end